Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Big Boy

My baby was such a big boy this morning. We had to be at Dr. Parkers office this morning at 7:30 to do the "probe". They stick this probe down through his tear-duct, through the nose canal and into the nose to clear it out so that it will begin draining properly. I've been so worried that Chris and I would have to hold him down while he screams, but God decided not to put us through that the nurse had to! Sorry nurse, you were extremely nice! They took him to the other room, and less than 5 minutes later he was back. I never heard him scream, or cry, but that may be because I had my ears PLUGGED! I did not want to hear that poor baby! When he came back in, he had big, big tears. But he did so good! I had a sucker waiting on him, and he forgot that they'd even done it before we left. Thank you, Thank you! We hope this works. Here we are waiting to go back...and yes we just had to play with their glasses. As soon as it was over...
These are from the other night. I forgot to tell you all that Noah is potty trained and wearing big boy "panties".....Yeah right!!
Have a great weekend. I will be heading out on Saturday for a conference in New Orleans. I will miss my boys horribly, but that will be some great bonding time for them. Chris keeps saying that he will not know who I am when I get back. But he has no clue, right ladies? Stay Swine-Free!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Fun

Some how, our weekends seem so long and busy, but I'm not getting anything accomplished. Except for sweet, sweet memories, and lots of kisses!

Friday night, Alli and Jay Jay came over and ate pizza with us for dinner...well, Alli and I didn't get any pizza! But they said it was de-lish!! We played in my bed.....

then, when we wanted out, she climbed on my back, and we escaped. Well we tried anyway, she weighed too much! :)

I got in trouble for being ugly to her, I just do not know my strength! I'm sorry little Alli!

Then I got to show her all of my toys...she wasn't as excited as I was...I tried to take that paci away from her, and she gave me a knuckle sandwich! Well, mommy did anyway!

When we got up on Saturday, I got to see my Dorothy. Daddy was taking pictures of Carlie, her granddaughter. And she is a cutie. She told me she loved me!

Then we went to Kailee and JT's 5th birthday party and had lots of fun. Mommy dressed me in my new faux crocs. I looked like such a big boy.

At the party, Kailee and JT kept jumping on daddy's back and I was getting so mad. Everyone was laughing at me, but they were hurting him :(

Then mommy and I went home to play and snuggle!The first week of June, we will be going to the beach and I can't wait! This is a peak at one of my beach outfits.
And on sunday, I was so tired, I fell asleep on daddy!



Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, Noah had an appointment with Dr. Parker in Monroe about his eye. The whole time we were waiting, I kept trying to figure out exactly how you do an eye exam on a 9 month old. We can't put a spoon over one eye and have him read out the letters...he would eat the spoon before that happened. He can't put his chin in the big machine, which he loved by the way, while the doc asks.."Is this better, or this?, What about this?" I can't stand that's such a trick question because I always think the first one is perfect and then the other one is better, then I start to second guess myself. Anyway! But Noah did excellent. He was getting sleepy and tired before the doctor came in, but he did fine. All he really had to do was just sit there. The doc pulled out at least 25 diff. lights to shine in his eyes. He did say that everything looked great. He confirmed that it wasn't glaucoma (?), because that will tend to keep the eye running. He pushed next to the tearducts and goop came out. He said that more than likely, it's just a case of there being a small membrane in the nose canal that needs to be popped so that everything could drain properly. Soooo...instead of waiting until he turns 1 and doing all the anesthesia and "surgery", he will do a procedure in the office next Thursday morning at 7:30. We can't have anything to eat or drink before. They will numb around the eye area and then swaddle him real tight so that he can't move those arms. They will take a small probe and stick it down the duct, into the nose canal and into the nose to clear it. He said that it wouldn't take but about 2 minutes if that. From there we would take anibiotics about a week to make sure that we don't get an infection, and a steroid to make sure that it doesn't close right back up. Then we'll be ready to go back to Dorothy's for the day. Sounds pretty simple huh? I sure hope they don't ask me to hold him down...I'll be crying! Dr. Parker said that it's an 80% chance of it working. So please pray for my little man.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Year of Amazing Memories

Chris and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary today. We've been together for 8 years total, and it's been wonderful. I still to this day think that it's amazing how good chooses our soul mates, and knows exactly what we need in each other to be happy and in love. And what's even more amazing is what he gives us....

Happy anniversary Chris. You are a wonderful husband, friend and father. I'm so glad you are my soul mate! I love you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SAD day!

There were 3 events that took place yesterday that were hard to believe! For Chris and I anyway!

**My child turned 9 BIG months old ! I CAN NOT believe it. Time flies when you're having fun! I'm amazed everyday at how much he's grown (which by the way he is now 24 lbs, and 8 oz.), and how much he's learning. He talks all the time, he's trying out standing by himself and he constantly gives kisses. And it's the good, slobbery, open-mouth kisses too. Chris and I are so very lucky and thankful to have some a sweet, healthy child.

**He also woke up with not 1, but 2 eyes matted shut. Ugh! We've been battling a clogged tearduct (we're assuming that's what it is) and every time he gets a touch of the CRUD, it stays runny and goopy. Poor thing. Monday, Dorothy said that the "good" eye was looking goopy, and when we got home it was red. So we had to go see Dr. Stanley. It was so sad yesterday morning when I went to get him up. He was trying to sit up and I kept thinking "man, he must've been tired, he hasn't even opened his eyes yet". It's because he couldn't. It broke my heart when he started reaching for me, but had no clue where I was! :( So, we got lots of meds, and an appointment with Dr. Parker (eye doc) for Thursday! These are from yesterday morning after we got them open. Looking at the pic, the left one is the "good" eye, and the right one is the "bad" eye. But he was still a smiling!

**Our 2 huskies, Cember and Zoe, got a new home. It's been so hard to get down to the pen and play with them, since we've had Noah. We use to get them out every Sunday and ride, and we've probably done it twice in the last year. They just needed a better home where they could run and play, not on the highway where we live. A guy that Chris works with said that he would take both of them, which was awesome for us. We were hoping that they'd stay together. The live way way way out in the country...40 acres. They have a pond, creek and lots of room to run!They also have 2 children, around 13 or so, that are in love with them. We feel so much better! They will be so happy! But it was sad!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter-Part 2

Daddy got all of the good stuff in his bucket.
We couldn't stand it, we had to try it out.
And he LOVED it!

Noah and Mamaw

For all of you who are wondering where Noah gets those blue eyes from...Papaw!
Jay Jay and Alli cat
Noah and Alli
My twins! He was "sitting fat" in this little chair from Madden. He loves it!
Here's another picture of my big boy holding his bottle.
Oh, and I had to load these pics. The girls in the office and I decided we go eat Applebee's today for lunch. I just happened to look on the wall next to me and I noticed "Dubach High School" Well all over the place, they have different school and college pictures and jerzees and such, but I guess it through me off when I saw Dubach. No matter what, I always think of Chris when I hear it. So I started looking closely at the pictures...nope, he wasn't in the first one, nope old for the next one....OH MY!!! He was in this one! Back row, second player from the left. Oh I love it! I haven't been able to stop thinking about this! He's a star! :) Cristy said, that can't be Chris, he's too skinny! I'll have to bring them some old pics of Chris. Not good pictures, but the best I could do with a cell phone!

Oh yeah... a few things about Noah.
1. He can pull himself up to stand by the ottoman
2. He can say Da Da, Momma, dog and Dorothy
3. He can't "crawl" as in on all 4, but we can go backwards and get where ever he wants. Which he proved himself when he fell out of the big bed the other night. But he's ok! Very hard headed!

Have a great, rainy weekend!