Thursday, December 9, 2010

Woo Woo

We recently had a special guest show up to stay with us for Christmas. His name is Woo Woo, last name, Elf on the Shelf! While he's staying with us, he'll watch us all to make sure that we are all being good, and staying on the NICE list. And at night, he goes back to the North Pole to let Santa know! So every morning we get to look for Woo Woo, and boy does he have some great hiding spots. He says that Santa's going to bring him a "choo choo"! We told Santa that he wanted this one....

but from the look of this picture, you wouldn't think that he even looked at Santa :)
This year has been funny. He's been scared of a lot of Christmas toys. He freaks out when we turn on the Abominal snowman, or Mamaws singing hoot owl. And he's also freaked out by "crackers", AKA nutcrackers. When we come in in the afternoons, and daddy has the Christmas lights turned on he says "yay, daddy did it!", and if not, them we have to let him turn them on. He's even figured out how to turn on the Christmas tree. He was so proud of himself when he figured that out. Now he turns it off and on all the time! So if you happen to ride by our house and notice my tree flickering and acting funny, it's just Noah!! Here are a few sweet pics of him lately....

We had a fun Halloween! Noah went as Handy Manny this year. Chris made him a special tool box to carry around with his candy in it. We went to the TECH athletic carnival and then trick-or-treated with Alli and Walk Walk. This Thanksgiving was a real eye opener. I'm not sure why this Thanksgiving, but I actually just had a chance to sit back and realize all the things that we have to be thankful for, and all the ways that we are blessed!
I really miss being able to get on here and blogging all the time, but lately, my hands have been FULL!! I've decided to go back and get my Master's so that I can teach. And yes, there are times that I laugh at myself. When I graduated in 2004, I swore I was NEVER, EVER going back to school! Never, say NEVER! Here I am, and I absolutely can't wait. Have a good night!!