Monday, November 24, 2008

~We did it~

It's Christmas in Dubach!....or pretty close anyway. We decided that we would wait until Thanksgiving Eve to get out our Christmas decor and tree, so that when Thanksgiving got here, we would still have something special to do. It could be our tradition. Chris decided to go ahead and put the lights on the house this weekend and of course, It was killing me to turn them on. For some reason I woke up Sunday morning feeling full of holiday spirit! And so we decided to go ahead and get some things out and put up our tree, but we will wait to decorate it on Wednesday! It's amazing how Christmas and life takes on a whole new meaning when you have a baby! It's amazing. We can't wait to start our own traditions as well as keeping all the old ones. Here's the pic of our house as we pulled up last night.
And Noah checking out our tree for the first time....
4 Month Shots.....He was a big boy getting his shots. He screamed to the top of his lungs, but was better and smiling quickly after. He was pretty fussy for the rest of the day. He wasn't feeling good. And I think his poor little legs were really sore.

And the Martins were there again. So we had someone to talk to and hang out with while we waited. Here's cooper trying out Noah's car seat...I think he's just a little too big. But it would keep him occupied for a few minutes anyway, so we encouraged him to climb in and out, and then Emily would rock him and try to get him to sleep....but of course it never happened. Look at those bright blue eyes.

Daddy's Poker Night with the BOYS......lasted a long time. Saturday afternoon a bunch of guys got together at a friends house to play poker and catch up. For some reason I thought that it wouldn't last long or until 10:45 or later, but boy was I wrong. It wouldn't have been so bad if we had not dropped him off, but since Noah and I were going that way anyway, we offered. Noah and I had fallen alseep on the couch when I finally got the phonecall at 10:45...."I'm ready"! Oh man! I guess I just didn't realize how tired I was. On the other hand, Noah ate his whole bowl of rice and peaches that night. He made a "happy plate" as my parents use to call it! I think that he's finally getting the hang of it and the taste for it. Those first few days didn't go as well as I'd hoped. The first 2 feeding went great, and after that he said NO WAY! But we're getting back on track now! Thank goodness. And making plenty of messes. I've learned to just let him get nasty and take care of it later. It's much easier and also a little fun. Look at that face.
Sunday morning Jay Jay. She decided to come out and see us (NOAH).

Off to his PJ's. Mommy was running a little late, so he sported his cute little star pj's on Monday. Hey, maybe we'll start a trend to wear your pj's as your day clothes...I could so do that!

2008 Christmas bear.....We picked up Noahs first Christmas bear. Every year as kids we would pick out a new stuffed animal for Christmas and it would have the year on it, or we would put it on it. What a fun tradition to start with him.
Introducing......Aunt Jemima! This reminds me of Mamies Cupboard (sp?) in Natchez. And he also looks like the Chakita Banana lady! We laughed so hard at him. How funny!
Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving if I do not post again before... (very unlikely right?)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's a BIG one!

I'm so sorry, but this post will be big. I have so many fun pics to show! I'll start with the newest.
Noah's 4 Month Check-up
Noah and I got to sleep a little later than normal since we didn't have to be at Dorothy's and work by 8:00. We got up around 6:00 and played with daddy and had breakfast. Well, he had breakfast...somehow I managed to not have time for it. We got to the Dr's office about 8:50 and he was passed out. He was awake by the time they called us back, so we got measured and weighed. He weighed 17 lbs., and 13 oz. He's lost a few ounces since he's been sick, but as you can see, he has plenty of reserves. He is 26 inches long and his head is big. I think it was 16 inches. He's getting so big. Then we got to see Dr. Stanley. He did so good. He always does. We absolutely love our doctor. It is well worth the 30 min. drive over there to see him and his staff. They are all wonderful. He said that he looked really good and that he was expecting him to be 200 lbs and 6 feet tall. A "linebacker" he said. He was in the 90th percentile. He also said that it's time to start him on baby food. Yay! I was so excited! I have been waiting for those words. He said to start by giving him rice just to get him use to the spoon and to make sure he is getting all the movements down. And once he's got it, he said to just go ahead and start the vegetables and fruits. How exciting for a new mom. I know that people say it gets old and becomes a pain, but the way I see it, is that I will only feed him in the afternoons, and the weekends. Dorothy (poor thing) will be doing it the other times. And so I think that Chris and I will have so much fun. He also told us to give him no more than 24-28 oz., of formula a day. That's going to be a little tricky for a few days until we can get all of this figured out. But it will all work out. Here are the pics from the doc's office.
His First Real Food
So we decided that we'd go ahead and get started with the rice last night. When I picked him up, he was asleep, but when we got home and daddy got him out, he was awake and in a whiney mood. So here's the scenario, I'm trying to cook (real chicken nuggets) and so of course I'm messy and have stuff all over my hands, & Chris is attempting to feed him the rice. He's so mad! He wouldn't close him mouth at all and he wouldn't take his bottle. He was being a little toot. So not what I was expecting. So when I said "fun" earlier, I obviously wasn't meaning for the first try! He was turning red and screaming to the top of his lungs. So he and Chris went to the living room and watched some of Alladin. He was fine after that. So about 20 minutes later, I decided to try again to see if he'd eat. WooHoo, the little dude was finally hungry I guess. So we put him back in his high chair and we went to town, and yes, this time it was FUN! He did ok! You could tell he was liking it and wanting it, but it just kept coming out! Hmm, I guess practice makes perfect. Although, Mrs. Dorothy get the practicing this morning:)! I hope it went well. Here are the pics from his "first big boy meal".

Yum! Yum!

It wouldn't be right if he didn't stick his hand in it right?
He had enough.

All cleaned up and look at those sweet lips!

He loves his daddy!

Meeting Baby Ty
My cousin Haily had her 3rd and final baby on September 24th. So he is 2 months and 3 days younger than Noah. We're so excited that they will be pretty close in age growing up and then Jay Jay's little one will be right behind. They can all grow up together. Ty has two older sisters, Kaitlyn and Layla and he was actually suppose to be a little girl named Kameron until about 32 weeks. And whoops...she's now a he! Now Jay Jay's a little nervous about Alli. It's so hard to remember Noah being this little. I kept saying "he's so little"! But he's so cute. Here are the pics from our visit.
The "House" eyes

My child decided to take a potty break...sorry!

Grandaddy and the great-grandkids

And Jay Jay at almost 24 weeks
Visiting With Ashley
It's been a while since we've seen Ashley and Grady. They were in town this weekend so we got to go have lunch with Ashley. We missed Grady, but next time we'll all have to get together. It was so great catching up with her and seeing how they were doing. It's amazing how busy I've been and caught up in other things that I haven't stopped to check on my friends. I am the worlds worst about calling people. You can ask my family...if they need me or want to chat...they always have to call me. I'm sorry, because I have some wonderful friends and family! So Ashley, we were absolutely thrilled to see you two! And in a couple of years, Noah and Alli will be ready to ride that 4-wheeler with you know who!
Emilys B-day Fashion Show
And here are some pics from the b-day girls fashion show. It turned out so cute. Cristy did a great job of planning for all of this. You could hear moms in the back saying "she's good". There were about 12 little girls running around everywhere, getting hair, makeup and nails done. But the show was a success!
Getting her nails done

And now for your entertainment. Presenting.....Cooper-Man Martin
All that singing made him hungry

Somehow he was sleeping through all of the noise
You are looking at the makeup artist and the nail technician

Suprise...he's awake
A little Diva signing the b-day canvas
And back to Jose....I mentioned in my earlier post that he would be showing up at her party and she had no clue....
I think Jose would make a great babysitter. Cristy said that Jose was still hanging out with them at 10:00 that night.

Isn't it GREAT! Look at those arms up. He's been doing that lately. When he sleeps in his swing, he puts both arms up and hold on to the pillow. My sweet baby.

A Funny Co-Worker Story
Cristy's b-day was Sunday and so she and some of her friends all went to eat lunch today. She said that she remembered dropping her silverware on the floor and abviously she couldn't find her spoon. Look at this pic and see if you see anything strange.Yes, she stole the spoon accidentally. Her purse has a magnet on the outside and the spoon stuck to it. And the craziest thing is that is stayed there and never fell off. That's a good magnet!

This is our morning self-portrait and check out his hat....You think it fits?
Poll Just For Fun
I promise this is the last part of my post...but I thought this would be fun. Even though the answer is obvious. Please go vote on our poll and let us know who you think Noah looks like. Chris said that people are starting to wonder if he is really even mine :(! How sad! Here are some baby pics of Chris and I. Have fun!
Me-4 mo.'s
Me-3 1/2 mo.'s
Chris-almost 2 mo.'s
Chris-4 mo.'s
Chris-4 mo.'s
OK, so if men could have babies...he definately would've had mine!