Tuesday, June 21, 2011

24 Day Challenge: Day 2

We survived day 1 and are 6 lbs lighter all together! We finished the day off with grilled tenderloin, corn and peas! Oh yeah and more water! I have felt so full all day from the water and spark. Honestly didn't know what to think about it all though. I sat and watched a movie with Chris and kept thinking that I needed to eat something...NOT! It's all in my head. I'm very proud of Chris and I. Although poor Chris used this analogy...."I normally eat the size of my hand, and I felt like all I had today was my thumb!" We've just gotta get adjusted! We can do it though! So we finished the night off with 5 horse pills and a note to get rid of these yummy peanut butter cookies from Sunday. They were taunting us!

Day 2: Ugh, just got chills all over again thinking about that darn fiber drink!! We got up again, and enjoyed our spark drink in full anticipation of the grueling step that was to come next! Once Chris got dressed, he mixed his up in 4 ounces of water this time instead of 8, and drank it right there instead of putting in the freezer to get it cold.....my bright idea. I had no clue that it GREW the longer it sat! So in a few gulps, he had his down......then it was my turn.......I tried! I really did! I mixed mine the same as his, took a drank and gagged.....took another drink and ....well you get the point. Chris even added a lot more water in hope to thin it out, NOPE, didn't work. I am so not a "chunk" person. Don't give me anything to drink that has hunks in it. I even attempted a straw in hopes that it would completely miss my mouth and head straight down my throat...NOPE, it got clogged! So needless to say, it went down the drain smooth as could be!! One more day then I get a break from it! The spark did at least pick me up! I had a banana, and grapes and pineapple again for breakfast. For lunch I had another salad, and guess what, it didn't kill me!! I had tenderloin and veggies left over, that way I didn't have to fix anything new! And actually Chris had it all packed up and ready to go for me! I think I'm gonna try my spark drink a little earlier today. I've been struggling everyday about 2:00 to stay awake, so maybe I can bypass that today.

So far so good. And honestly, even though it may seem like I'm complaining, this has by far been the easiest "diet", I've done. The only bad thing is the fiber drink, and I'm still working on it! I can't wait to see how we feel at the end of 10 days and then the end of 24!

Happy Tuesday!

Father's Day 2011

We had a great Father's Day weekend...busy as usual!

Look at my little man...a month from today he will be THREE!!! I can't believe how fast time's gone by. He's in such a fun, loving stage right now. He met me at the door last night and said "Hey Mommy!", just melted my heart...because I can see him doing the same thing at 18 and it will be here before I know it. These are those feelings where I can understand why legit families have lots of kids! Baby Noah's no longer a baby!
And Pops!! Those babies love their Pops! Actually, Noah will be staying the night with Pops to night and hanging out with him tomorrow since Dorthy's closed. Noah's already said he wanted to go in Pops boat! Sure hope Noah uses the potty tomorrow! It could be a long day for Pops! But I know they'll have lots of fun!
Then, after a quick, sweet picture with mommy, he decided to practice his casting skills!

And my other babies, that I didn't have to birth....all in one year! Alli P LOVES her Nanny! When she got to Gigi and Pops, Jay called and said that she was trying to cross the lake to get to me. Not sure what I did for her to LOVE me so much, but I'm eating it up! And then there's my sweet little Bubba! He's the best little baby. And he's starting to walk, especially to Alli!

And then there were 3!!
A typical picture.
They love and miss each other ALOT! They start screaming when they see each other!

Noah and I are so blessed to have such a great daddy and husband!
The Hancock's are too!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

24 Day Challenge: Day 1 (so far)

Yes, I gave in and asked for help...kinda! I had to do something and I plan on this being my (our) kick start. I drug Chris into it without asking and because he's an awesome husband, daddy and trooper, he agreed to do it with me. Instead of starting it in the middle of the week when we got last week, we decided to wait until today. So yesterday after our great Father's Day visits, and trip to Monroe, we hit up the grocery store for some veggies, fruit and protein! It's on now!! We stayed up and got everything ready for the next day. I was told by Chris that if it wasn't gonna be ready for him to just eat, then he would never be able to do. Needless to say, bedtime didn't roll around until about 12:30ish!! We had too much to do last night.

We set our alarms to get up together so that we could drink our spark energy drink and mix up our fiber drinks! Well the energy drink was pretty good! Nothing like the fiber! Chris took his with him to drink on the way to work. It's a good thing I didn't plan on doing the same. I first tasted it, and gagged. It was THICK!! Then I tried it again, and got a tiny bit down. Then I thought I'd outsmart that nasty stuff and mix it with a little Sprite Zero (sorry Nicole, telling on myself). The first big gulp went down fine, and I psyched myself up to think that I could do the rest........NOPE, didn't happen! I swear I think it was growing! It was still thick! After gagging about 3 more times trying to get the rest down, I gave up! For the day anyway! I will be buying nose plugs and spraying my throat with sore throat spray to numb it for tomorrow!! Just kidding, but I might!! After the FIBER issue....everything's been great. I really do like the spark drink. I didn't feel at all tired once I drank it and got going! I've been having a hard time getting up and going! When I got to work I snacked on grapes, strawberries and pineapple, and boy was it yummy!! We don't buy fruit that often, so it seemed like a treat! For lunch I had a can of tuna, salad (only lettuce and tomato-so not a veggie person) and a big water. I like that it's nothing crazy that I have to eat. It's just like any healthy meal, just not as much as we'd normally eat. So far so good! About 3:30 I'm gonna have my other spark drink, and snack on some fruit and nuts.

Oh and did I mention that Chris drank every bit of his fiber drink...ugh, I just got chills thinking about it. But that's why I needed him to do this with me...1. keep me accountable and 2. to beat him!! It's so much easier when someones doing it with you. If you're interested in more information, you can find Nicole on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=507390076

I'll let you know how the rest of the night went when I post tomorrow. Ooh and I will also have some sweet pictures from Father's Day and of my other babies, Alli and John Walker. They're getting so big.....no let me take that back, John Walker's getting big, Alli's been the same size now since her 1st birthday. Sweet little thangs!! That Alli P loves her Nanny! And you know I'm eating that up!!

Have a good rest of your Monday!!