Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is she ever coming out?

I just knew that "Miss Priss" would be sharing her b-day with Nanny and uncle "Kiss!" But she decided that Feb. 22 was NOT going to be the day! So on Monday, Jay Jay and I headed to Monroe to try to walk this baby out. We had to exchange a few things at Target and Wal-Mart. We ran into JCPennys and then headed to Hobby Lobby. We were out and about for close to 5 hours and still no baby! She must be "snug as a bug in a rug!" So here's the tutu table that we made for Alli's room. We saw online where you could buy just the topped to set on a table for about $150. So we became Suzy homemakers! I think it turned out cute.
Have you ever wondered what some people may look like when they first get up in the morning. I love to see Chris. He always has Bozo the clown hair. It sticks straight up on both sides and then flat in the front. And you know mine is FAB-U-LOUS in the mornings! Well, for my 27th birthday, I decided that I wanted to revert back to childhood. Growing up, for everyones birthday, we would wake them up singing "happy birthday" and have the cake and gifts to eat and open in the bed. It was great. It's been a while since I've had one, so that's what I wanted. So I'm pretty sure that you now know where I'm going with the morning hair question. My birthday in pics...So all of this took place at 5:00 am since I told daddy that he needed to sing too and he had to be at work early. And I think that Chris woke up earlier, brushed his hair and got back in bed, because this is not the "bozo" look I was talking about. At least he did act like he was interested in helping me blow out the candles. What a good sport! We didn't actually do cake and gifts yet though. Mommy and daddy went back to bed and Gigi stayed up with Noah. It was great. For some crazy reason though, we were both up at 7:00. I figured that we would sleep longer. Here are more pics..

And then Noah made us a b-day note..

"If I can't have more chocolate, then I'll just eat your card!"
Boo turned 16 on Saturday. It's so hard to believe that the baby is growing up and driving now. Yep, I said it. She went Monday and got her drivers license. So if your hanging out it Monroe...Watch Out! She actually does pretty good except for backing up! Here are the pics of her room that I decorated while she was in V-town.
Her starbucks gift card and shades. Can't live without them!
We had a pretty good birthday weekend. And I know you loved my hair-do!On Sunday, everyone got together for a party for me, Chris, Chelsea and Papaw Thomas. It was a lot of fun, and good food.
So last week, I left Noah with Chris while I went to a Relay for Life meeting. When I got home, this is what his hair looked like...
His little twig sticking up looked singed. Not sure how you spell that, but it looked like it had been burned. I asked Chris if maybe he had him over by the fire or maybe tried lighting a candle or something. But while laughing, Chris said No that he did not burn it! He had just slept on it that hard, that it was all knotted up. It stayed like that until we washed it. His first rats nest in his head! But he loves his daddy.

Have a good week. Well, what's left of it!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Countdowns Galore

1 More day until Jordan, our baby sisters "Sweet 16" birthday! And she is going to Vidalia to celebrate without us but with some good, old friends!

2 More days until Chris' 30th birthday and my 27th birthday!

18 More days until little Allie is suppose to make her appearance, but I am actually using my 2 day countdown for her. I think we'll see her on Sunday! Jay said that she's been having pressure and pain down there and and yesterday her back was hurting her really bad! Yay for signs! See you soon Alli.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please forgive me Glenda!!

Last night we got together for a few reasons. 1.) to eat breakfast: pancakes, bacon, eggs, and sausage. 2.) to play our Wednesday night poker. and 3.) to weigh in. Ronnie (my father-in-law) came up with an idea/incentive for all of us to lose some weight. We would all put in $25 and the person who lost 20% of their weight first won the pot. Woop Woop! This will be fun. It was funny how after we all ate, we were looking at a restraunt guide at calories in our favorite foods. It was crazy. There are 1600 calories in my paradise pie at Chili's. My heart was broken. :( I am glad thay we are all doing this as a family, so that we will have that motivation and support. It makes it so much easier.
On to the funny....In our poker game, there was lots of "Girl Power"!! We were rackin' em in! Chris and Bob were the first ones out, and so then we were plotting on Ronnie. Glenda (my mother-in-law) looks over at him and says "We're going to be on you like white on rye!" And just as serious as can be! We've never laughed so hard. Everyone likes to call her "Special G" for these funny moments. We still love you G! And you too Ronnie!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sleepy Sleepy

When I got to Dorothy's yesterday to pick up Noah, she asked "What did ya'll do to him this weekend?" She said that he slept all day. He didn't even stay up to play. Normally when the big kids are napping, he's up with Dorothy, but she said, he got mad at her for waking him up, so she changed him and put him back down. She said "I even took his temp while he was asleep he was sleeping so much!" Before I left she told me good luck, she hoped he would sleep that night. He was fed, bathed, and asleep by 7:30. And he did sleep all night, thank goodness. She said that if he did it again today, she was going to let me know so I could call the doc. I really think that he was just worn out from the weekend. I wish that I could sleep all day, just one day! He's kind of been sounding like he's starting to get congested, so maybe he just didn't feel good.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

Noah and I got up about 6:45 to start our "Day-o-Love"! First we got daddys candy ready. Chris isn't a big chocolate person. so I decided to get a box of resees peices, nerds and sugar babys. I wrapped them up in black paper and decorated them. I then placed them in places that I knew Chris would be. I had one in the fridge by the syrup, one next to his "precious" remotes, and the other was in his undie drawer. I knew he BETTER be going there. Then we started on his special heart shaped pancakes. I couldn't find the small packet of pancake mix at Walmart, so I had to get bisquick and do them the "betty crocker" way. I didn't realize that I needed eggs...ewe...eggs in pancakes. I called my neice that lives next door and asked her to bring me a few eggs and come down and play with Noah. A few minutes later, I looked out the winder and she was running full speed down to my house. I put her on Noah duty and got to work on my pancakes. They were huge. Once Noah passed out, Miranda decided to make some Valentine's. I then decided to sweetly go get Chris up. We all sat down at the table and I asked him to get out the syrup. Miranda and I were like little kids anxiously waiting on him to find the first goodie. He was quite suprised since the night before, I told him that I didn't get him anything since he doesn't like candy. So before he could get back to the table, Miranda blurted out "It's resees peices!" She can't keep a secret for anything. Then she started asking him, Chris do you need to call someone (since the other one was by the remotes and phone)? He said "What, call who?" He then realized that there were more goodies. He found the one by the remotes and she told him they were nerds. I told her that she needed to "SSSSHHHHH!" She said "Can I give him just 1 little bitty hint, It's not in here anywhere!" Well I thought, she did good, didn't actually give it away...and then I heard "It's in your room!" Oh goodness, my fun little game that I thought would last through out the day, was soon to be over in about 10 minutes. So as he decided to begin searching out room, she whispered OH SO LOUDLY "Jana, I almost told him it was in his drawer! hehe" I'm not sure if he heard her or not, but he quickly started digging in his drawers (not his underwear, but his dresser drawers :)! And it was over! My husband had me a funny card with a sweet note in it to go along with my andes mints. Even though Miranda couldn't keep the secrets, it was fun! And I think she had a good time hanging out with us. She played with Noah all day. He loves his "Ruby", that's what everybody calls her. He watched her all day and wouldn't let her out of his sight.

She'd never seen him take a bath, so she was thrilled that he needed one. So Chris and Ruby were in charge of that. When I went in to clean his face, this is what I found. (Do you see something down by the drain?) Pops just asked us on Thursday if this has happened yet, and I told him NO! And look what happens 2 days later. Chris said "It's just chocolate". So that was the joke of the day, it's just chocolate he had hid in his diaper. He enjoyed getting into his gifts. He got some cute pj's from Gigi and Mamaw and Papaw had him a sweet card and the little hammer that makes noise. I just decided to get some things that he needed, like the biter cookies and toast, and a sippy cup and the tooth and gum cleaner. Gotta keep those little teefies healthy. He didn't ever take a good nap that morning, and so this is what we got during lunch....

He was tired! When he got up from his nap, we rode over to Mamaw and Papaws to swing and ride around in the wagon. I'm sure that he gets to swing at Dorothys, but this was our first time to see it. At first he wasn't too sure about being that high. He kept looking at the ground. But then he started enjoying it. He loves to be outside.

Then we went for a quick stroll in the wagon with Mamaw. She had this little horse that bounces, and he LOVED it. He likes to bounce anyway, so this was right up his alley.

This is my favorite picture

When we got back home, we made steaks, baked potatoes and corn on the cob. My friend Amanda and her little boy were suppose to come and stay with us, but she called me that morning and said that he was running 103 fever, that she wasn't going to make it. I learned today that he ended up running 105. Poor little thing. But we're going to catch up soon. I miss you Amanda Kaye. So this was what we were going to cook for her. It was delish.

So all in all, I had a wonderful Valentine's day. No big plans, no rush, just us! It was great. Although Noah will not remember the day (except for pictures), he's the reason our day was so beautiful. His smile, his words (da da da), his snoring, and his kisses! Which, those are the same things that I love about Chris! We had to get our Valentine's kisses.....

Oh yeah, and we tried a lot of new things over the weekend.....biter cookies

The biter toast.....

I actually got a picture of him trying to throw a fit. His new thing is to make fist, turn red and yell. We're going to have our hands full!