Friday, October 31, 2008

~Happy Trick-Or-Treating~

Yay, we finally made it to Noah's "First" Halloween! How exciting! We don't have big plans this year since he's so small...well I guess I should say young, not small. Chris weighed him Wednesday night, and he's almost 18lbs. Wow, my little chunk! We are going to take pictures with the his cousins at Mamaw and Papaws and then we may swing by the church carnival before we go see Jay Jay, Uncle Lance and the pups! So I haven't been able to update this week. I've been quite busy! Here are all my pics from the week! We've had so much fun dressing him up in all of his Halloween suits. They're bagged up and headed to Jay Jay's house for the little pricess next year. Hope you enjoy!

I have better pics of him in his "punkin" outfit, but I have to get them off of the good camera....they will come soon!

He loves his toy that Cooper gave him!

Yes, we must've skipped Tuesday! :) I know you all have seen pics of him in this little pumpkin hat, but this is the outfit that it came with. We went and ate dinner with Mamaw and Papaw that night. They got lots of "lovin"! Does he not look just like his daddy in this first picture!

He wore his "Little Monster" shirt today! This is his daddys favorite!
We're getting ready to head to Dorothys and he was telling me how much he loved his blue bear.

Yesterday after school, Emily came to the office with Cristy. She got changed into her costume (Bratz cheerleader) and my student worker, Jose' (yes a male), taught her a cheer! It goes a little something like this....


This morning he wore his skeleton footie onsie. Chris picked this out for him. Isn't it cute! I thought this was going to be his "costume", but it's not! You'll have to wait until you see the pics, and actually he has two costumes. Gosh, I wasn't prepared for all the excitement and joy that I've experience with his first halloween! Too many costumes, not enough halloween.

THE Mrs. Dorothy

Little Noah has been working on his 6-pack abs and now knows how to pull himself up. So he's no longer just laying there like a BLOB. I have to watch him now when I prop him up because he will pull himself up and over. It's pretty funny! He's getting active. I can't even get his diaper on him anymore without him wiggling around. I think that he loves being naked. As soon as I pull those velcro strips...he's a WILD man! And the other day, Chris and I decided to try him out in his door jumper and he did really good. I stick him in there with me while I am getting dressed in the mornings. And Mrs. Dorothy said that she puts him in the excersaucer all the time. He's getting to be a big boy! His carseat has a limit of 20lbs....and as I mentioned earlier he's already about 18. If he has on anything more than a onsie or thin can forget about it. He's not fitting. We're about to have to invest in a convertible car seat or whatever they are. He's growing out of everything. And we finally got a small heater for his cold room, so again, we are going to try to get him in his big boy bed as long as his congestion isn't too bad.
Well we hope that everyone has a great HALLOWEEN. Try not to eat too much candy. I'm going to leave you with some funny face editing!

Inspector Gadget

"I want to suck your blood"

AArgh Matey!


Friday, October 24, 2008

I met Sharpay!

We went to watch High School Musical 3 tonight. I took my neices Miranda and Hope, and we met up with Cristy, Emily and some of their friends. Well since Miranda and Hope are both going to be Sharpay for halloween, they decided to wear the whole get-up! Check them out.....

So needed to run into Wal-Mart before we went to the theatre. Hope didn't want to go in because she didn't want anyone to see her and Miranda was was super excited to go in and show off her outfit. Everyone was staring and Miranda was loving it. When we go to the theatre, we walked around the corner to go into our show, and there was a long line waiting. If only you could've seen everyones reactions. Hope was behind me when we turned the curve, and she tried to turn and make a run for it. You could hear all the little girls saying "OMG there's Sharpay!" And then we had Miranda, grinning from ear to ear looking like she was walking the red carpet. It was hilarious. I just knew that there would be other little girls all decked out, but yep, we were the only ones! And then when we were leaving and the others for the next showing were coming in, that's all you could hear..."Sharpay, Sharpay, there's Sharpay!" It was a lot of fun! They also had someone ask for their autograph. I'm glad that we all went. And I know now why all those little girls love it...Troy is a cutie!

Here are the rest of our pics from the night. Hope you enjoy!

~We're Supporters Cont.~

Here's the flier for tomorrows bake sale and silent auction. Just click to see it larger for all the info.

~We're Supporters~

We got our "I'm A Supporter" t-shirts for Susan Neaville in yesterday. For those of you who didn't know, she passed away this past Sunday. So many supporters decided to wear their shirts today. I wish that she would've gotten a chance to see them and just how much support she had from the community! It's amazing how much we gripe and complain about our lives, and all the little things that don't matter. Situations like this make us sit back and realize, life's too short, and just how blessed we really are. They are sending in another order on Monday, so If anyone's interested or weren't able to get one with the first order, let us know. I believe that they had about 900 shirts ordered the first go round. And they are still doing the bake sale and silent auction tomorrow as planned. The flier will be posted on my next post.
My son was ready to go to Dorothys this morning in another halloween outfit. If he could talk, he would tell you just how much fun we have dressing him up in all of these cute outfits. He's our sweet, and happy little pumpkin. Yesterday, Dorothy had to close at noon because she had to go get an MRI and X-Ray done on her knee. As I mentioned in an earlier post, she teaches aerobics, and her knee has been bothering her. So Chris took off and picked him up. They called me to say that they were having a good time, and Chris said that he was teaching him how to hang up clothes. (because I hate hanging up and folding them) When I got home, dinner was cooked and the house was clean! What a wonderful daddy! And as I was walking out Dorothys door heading to work, I could hear her say "Hey darling, I missed you yesterday!" And the funny thing is that I think he really missed her. We threw him off of his routine. He's been really really congested the last two nights, to the point where it's been waking him up. He's been sleeping through the night, but the last two nights haven't been good! I feel so bad for him. I may just let him sleep in his swing tonight. And I know I mentioned last Friday that I was going to try to put him in his big boy bed last weekend, but it got cold and I just couldn't do it! For some reason it stays either hot or cold on that side of the house depending on the season. I promise I'm going to do it! Lately we've been giving him an 8oz. night bottle, but still 6oz. for all the rest, but I think it's time to move on up to 8oz all the way. Dorothy said that he hasn't been lasting very long between meals anymore. Yay, that's my little 17lb chunker!

And we wanted to tell Jack Jack how proud we are of her grades. Keep it up and hurry up and get out. You need to make us lots of $MOOLA$!! Your favorite nephew and neice will need you to buy their first car! Noah would like a Land Rover (to drive his Boo Boo around) and baby Hancock would like a hot pink convertible VW bug.

Here's the video of him playing in the bathtub!

Have a great, & blessed weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's a.....

Jay Jay and Uncle Lace found out yesterday that they are having a little princess. Oh how exciting! I can't wait to buy her something pink. And you can tell from the pictures that Noah's excited. He said that they were going to play and play at Mrs. Dorothy's. Noah also turned 3 months yesterday! I can't believe how big he is. I went back the other day looking at my preggo pics and his baby pics. It's so hard to believe it's already been this long! Where does the time go?
Yesterday Gran and Jack Jack came up to see all of us and bring goodies. When we stopped by Jay Jay's house to all meet up, Kristen and Kyla were there. This is Kyla and Noah's first time to meet. It was such a shock when I braced myself to hold this cute little 6 month old and she was a LOT lighter than my chunk!

So while they were sitting there together, Kyla decided to smack Noah! It was pretty funny. You should've seen the look he gave her! She's got the age on him, but he's got the rolls! We'll all have to get together again when they can chill and play! This is the bib that Jack Jack got him!And these are the blankets that Gran and Jack made for him. The little blue bear blanket is from Gigi! He loves all of them!

And look at those lips. Oh I have a funny story! This past weekend, I was holding Noah and Chris was playing and acting like he was going to get him. When he got close I kind of jumped or jerked or something and he looked at Chris, said "UUUHHH", and poked that lip out as far as it would go! It was hilarious. I wish I would've gotten a picture of that! For the rest of the day, he wouldn't look at Chris the same. Chris felt so bad!

And for my co-workers, this precious little face is why I am late every now and then. I just can't get enough! He's just so happy in the mornings. He knows how to make my day I guess.

And now for our Pumpkin Patch pictures

And I added a video of Noah laughing. He's tickelish like his mommy!