Monday, June 29, 2009

Long Weekend

Well, it all started with the Peach Festival. I volunteered to help this year, so I was placed at a few gates. Friday night went well. It was hot since the sun was going down on our backs. But I made it. That night about midnight, Noah was up crying. Chris went and got him and gave him a little tylenol bacause he was hot. Hw whined all night long though. I was thinking that maybe his belly was hurting so we gave him a little mylicon also. Well about 3:00am, I gave him the paci thermometer, and it said 101.8, but I was afraid to give him more tylenol. When we got up at about 7:00, I did it again and it said 98.3. So I really have no idea what it was for sure, but he was hot. And he was just laying there, not being his self. So we got up and made a run to the doctor. I'm so very thankful that they are open on Sat and Sun. We've been taking antibiotics for an ear infection. Well his left ear was fine, but his right ear was bright bright red. And he had a little bit of puss on his throat. SO...if we do not get it cleared up this time....TUBES it will be! I hope this works. He had to get a shot of Rosefin (sp?) and now we are taking amoxicillin and doing nose sprays! Poor Baby. So needless to say, we did not get to do the diaper derby on Saturday, but we did wear our shirt. (above) And mommy did work her 2nd shift...HOTT!

Sunday morning we got up early to go to Church with Grandaddy. That is my daddy's dad. He was a POW in two wars. His home church in Winnsboro dedicated the 4th of July musical celebration to him. It was a very moving and wonderful day for the entire family. And Noah did pretty good. I was thinking that we would have to run out of there (from the very first row), but instead it was Jay Jay that had to walk out! Everything was decorated so pretty. And they did a slideshow of him. Before we left they also had a big meal, and boy was it GREAT! My favorite part was seeing the family as a whole!

We visited the nursery before we left to get the kiddos changed and ready to go. And of course, we had to let them play.Looks like Alli's doing the stanky leg.

Then, on our way back we stopped by Gigi and Pops to see the new boat. We even took a quick (nervous) ride! He hated the life jacket, it kept riding up to his ears and he couldn't move it it, it was hot, and I had the worst, nervous leg twitch ever! Only because he was with me though! Just nervous, sorry Pops! We did have a good time and love the boat!
He was so tired!

Here's Boo Boo and Noah on our way home!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Hint....

Honorable Mention

Noah got "Honorable Mention" for the Most Serious category for the Peach festival photo contest. It's the pic from the beach with his hair blowing and his mouth closed. It's actually the first picture that we have of him with his mouth closed I think!! He gets a ribbon!

How did the "House" girls....

get this far behind on blogging? It's SO easy to do! I've been planning a first birthday party and getting the house ready, helping someone plan a reception in New Orleans, getting ready to help with the Peach Festival, and...well you get the idea! Too much going on!

So last week I had to take him back to the Dr. about his ear and we still have an ear infection. He weighed in at a whopping 26 lbs., and Dr. Stanley said that it was ok to go ahead and start him on whole milk. Well, being that Chris and I have never done this before, we thought that we wouldn't even have to open the new can of formula that we'd just bought....yeah right. At first he didn't like it, especially in his sippy cup. If it's not juice or better not be in that cup! So we started mixing it half and half, and this morning he drank it all with no formula! So if he drinks it again tonight, then I'm not using anymore formula! I can't wait! He's such a big boy now. He's been pulling up on everything, just to let go and stand there. He's doing great. And he's just like his dad when it come to talking....90 to nothing, would talk to a brick wall! There's never a quite moment anymore. He's got "mama and dada" down. I love it. And he is in love with his daddy. I love to pick him up in the evenings and get home to see how he reacts when he sees Chris. And he normally cries when I pick him up from daycare! What a great feeling, I know he loves it there! And every since the time has changed...he's become a night owl! He would be up until 10 or 11! This is so not OK when I like to be in bed by 9:00! I was always just laying down with him to get him to sleep, and just passing out for the rest of the night. Not getting anything done! So, we finally just decided to let him cry it out. It broke my heart the first night and we'd keep checking on him, but he finally went to sleep. And it was the funniest thing to watch on that baby monitor. He would cry, and cry and then all of a sudden he would just fall over, face first and be passed out! And each night after that he cried less and less and would be out! Yay, we were so proud of ourselves! Sorry!!
We recently decided that we were ready to put a cover on part of our deck so that we can get outside and enjoy it without melting and having a heat stroke. So, on Monday Heard Construction came by and got it started. Chris, his dad and Kirk just had to do a few more things to get it finished. Here's our finished product (minus sealing it all).
And here's the poor pond that we started and never got it the way we wanted it, so we're going to pull it up and plant something instead. Check out all of my elephant ears. Oh an I want you to know that we have not watered the first plant in our yard and they are going crazy! Poor tadpoles. So if you need any tadpoles....I'll cut you a deal! Have a great week!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Perdido Key 2009

I was really on the fence...I didn't want to go home, but I was so ready to see Mrs. Dorothy Monday morning! It was hard work trying to round up an 11 month old who was on the go for 8 days, all day! do you do it Dorothy? We had a great time. This trip was very special to me because I've always gone on vacation with my parents, and this time Chris and I were parents. Noah did good, he loved the pool and just OK with beach. He wasn't crazy about the sand, especially on his hands. If you will notice...his hands are up in most of the pics! It would take him a little while to warm up to it. Here are a few pics from my small camera.

We napped a few times on the beach

Played with Pops

We even built some sand castles

"You are so funny Pops"

"Look what I found....oh wait, those are my toes!"

Jay Jay and Noah
Mommy, Daddy and Noah Chris loves when he puts his hand on his shoulder like this. How cute!
Shopping one day at Tanger Outlet
Passed out waiting to eat Lamberts, if you've never eaten there, you've gotta go! It's so much fun. They throw you huge rolls, they play pranks and act liek they are spilling and squirting things on you, and they give you SO much food! Fun, family place!
Swimming Videos

Have a good day and I will be uploading more pictures soon!!