Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Good Week

So far, we've had a great "transition" week at our new school. I was so worried all weekend about how he was gonna react to the new place and what I was gonna do if he cried on me. Thank goodness he did pretty good. We talked all weekend and morning about how excited we were to be going to a new, big school with Alli and Bubba and how he was gonna get to learn his ABC's and 123's! I made sure we stayed PUMPED!! I also made sure that we got there the same time Jamie did with the kids so that they could all go in together. They all ran in and when he got in the door good he said "hey, what is this?" We walked on back to sign in and the clingy-ness began. I've never had so many tight hugs before!! He got really shy and quiet. We walked around while Alli and Bubba ate their breakfast, and then Alli REALLY helped me out. She came in the room with us and played with him. We got out the blocks and a few minutes later, the other Noah came over to play too. I got up to try to ease out and he caught me a few times...but when he really got to playing I told him I'd be right back, I need to go pay....but by the time I got to the front, I knew there was no way I could go back....for him or for me!

I called right before lunch and Mrs. Tina said that he was doing really good. He did circle time, and was at his table doing his work (he told me later he colored a blue bus), and that they were watching a little video right before lunch. So I felt a lot better. No joke, I think that was the longest day of my life!! 5:00 could not get here fast enough. So when I got there to pick him up, I wasn't sure what to expect from him. And guess what he did....went to squalling! Someone told me that it was just his way of realizing he missed me. But a hug and a few tears later, he was fine and running out the door with the Hancock 2. They said he had a good day. He drank out of a big boy cup, AND made it through nap time with no accident, but was having so much fun on the playground, that he did have an accident. But far it's the only one all week. (I better knock on so wood now) So when I got him in the car the first thing he said was (while being extremely serious at first) "Mommy, you lost me today!!" I couldn't help but laugh...he was trying to say that I left him. So I had to explain that I had to go to work and I needed him to stay at school to learn and play with all of his friends. And he kept acting extremely, hyperly excited, so I asked what he was excited about, and he said "you!" So although he missed his mommy and she "lost" him that morning...he still had a great day. We talked about it all the way home and he was all smiles. He even told me that he wanted to bring Mrs. Dorthy to his school with him. So we made sure to tell her about that when we called to let her know how his day went. She had thought about him all day!

I was a little nervous about day 2. It was either gonna go good or a total melt down since he knew what to expect. But I was so proud! He did good. He was still a little clingy and shy, but he knew that Chris was gonna be picking him up since I would be in class. And we talked all morning about how excited daddy was to see his new school. So he did manage to whip up 1 tear, but he was fine. He gave me kiss and went back to playing with Alli. He told me that him and Alli were going to learn their numbers again. I also learned that morning that he was Miss Laquanna's helper on Monday. He got to add the date to the calender (which were the numbers he was talking about) and got to hold the flag. He told her he wanted to be the helper again. And no accidents!!

Yesterday when I dropped him off, he went straight to eat his breakfast (a first) and was telling Alli "It's ok, it's gonna be ok", because she was crying this morning. My sweet little man, trying to make her feel better since she's been helping him all week.

Update....I knew this was gonna happen...I didn't knock soon enough. He had an accident yesterday. They said he was on his way to the potty and just didn't make it. It's the durn jeans I think. Both days with accidents, he's worn his jeans. We may have to veto those at daycare for a while!

I enjoy picking him up in the afternoons and getting to chat all the way home. This was one of our quick convos yesterday...
Me: Noah, do you LOVE your new school?
Noah: ummmmm NO!
Me: WHAT??
Noah: (while laughing) YES, YES I DO!!
I love when I drop him off in the mornings and to get his mind on something other than me leaving, I ask if he's gonna go play...and he's been saying "Me and Alli are gonna go learn my numbers again." He told me yesterday he learned his numbers 1, 2, and 3. And last night when we were telling daddy about it, Chris' response was "3, he already knew those numbers!" So then I had to explain to my other child that Noah was not the only kid in his class and they weren't gonna change the curriculum and start with number 13 just for him! :)

But so far, I've been so proud and excited for him. He's done great!

Baby Porter on the other hand has had mommy worn out all week. We had an appointment Thursday morning and everything seemed to be going good, and heard his little heartbeat. We will start going every 2 weeks now and the next appt. we will actually go for a quick ultrasound before. Because Noah was such a big baby (9 lbs., 8 oz.), she said we'd probably do another ultrasound around week 37 so that we have a better idea of Porter's size.

We've been having a little braxton hicks going on lately. I remember doing the same thing with Noah. Every little move he makes it seems like my whole stomach just goes tight and heavy!! Tuesday I had a strange lower back pain come from no where. She said that it may have been a muscle spasm. It went away with the help of Tylenol thank goodness. And then that night came back with indigestion/gas and the whole works. I was miserable and honestly got nervous worrying that it was real contractions and I just couldn't remember what the real ones felt like!! Just glad I made it through that night, thanks to my Tylenol, tums and hot bath.

Porter's cute owl quilt came in. I can't wait to get started on his room.
Which leads up to our project we have going on right now....the entertainment center. Once we get it finished, it will store a lot of what we have in the extra room right now. Once the center is finished it will be about 12 ft. wide and about the middle piece will be 9 inches from my ceiling!! Good thing this poor wall needed something.

Now moving on the the little details so hopefully the painting can begin soon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Noah gets to stay with Alli and Bubba tonight, so it will be quiet around my house. And tomorrow is a big poker night for all the guys so Noah and I will probably get to hang out watching Scooby Doo (over and over) and working on homework and the rest of Whitney's wedding pics. I am making it a goal to be finished by Sunday!! You can find a few sneak peeks here.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Last Day at Dorthys

Today's the day! This is our last day to go to Mrs. Dorthy's! So far, the day hasn't been bad. I'm more worried about 5:00 and picking him up!!

Last night we wrote in Dorthy's card and he drew her a sweet smiley face picture! I was so proud of the little smileys he made.....all by himself! He really worked hard on his masterpiece. We wanted to be sure to let her know how much we will miss her and how thankful we were to have her take care of our little Noah. Check out his "concentration" lips!

Pretty good huh?
Here are a few shots from this morning on our way out....
Not sure if you can tell, but he has his Batman cape on! Last night I found some Batman pj's that I think were handed down from Amanda and Madden. What a hit!! It had this little cape that velcro'd on and it looked like a little belt. He was in hog heaven! I barely got it on him good and he had one arm up and took off flying. So this morning he insisted on wearing his cape!!

And I was looking back at the blog and found our first day....back at work for me and 1st day at Dorthy's for him. A very overwhelming day for this mommy!!

Noah and Dorthy....3.5 months old!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Noah's New School

Although it will only be for about 7.5 months, we are making a big change. This Friday will be our last day at Dorthy's Daycare....we will start Little Red Apple on Monday. I never thought we'd leave Dorthy's until we started Pre-K, but within the last year I've done a complete 360 on that thought. I think that there are some kids that don't need the preparation for big school and there are those that do......and Noah is in that category.

There's so many emotions flying right now. I know that he will love it, and have a class full of friends his age. They will be working on language development, pre-reading and writing readiness, math concepts, social skills and more (which of course mom and dad are more excited about). I just don't want him to be mad at me. I know that's stupid, but we've been at Dorthy's for 3.5 years and that's all he knows. I know at first it will be a lot to get use to, but I think he's gonna like it. He's gonna miss his pals Owen, Joe Christian, Madalyn and of course Natalie. Right now he's excited...he keeps talking about going to his new school with Alli and Bubba and the playground! He started talking about going to school this past summer. He kept saying he needed to go to school like JT and do homework. So I hope that he stays excited. Chris and I honestly feel like we've made the right decision my making this just can't help but worry...or at least I can't. I'm such a ~worry wart!~

We've been so blessed to have Dorthy take such great care of our little man. There was never a doubt how much they loved each other and how much she cared. This Friday will be hard....but we will back in about 4.5 months with baby Porter!!

Well there's been no changes to my schooling-like being DONE...unfortunately! I was excited that last night in class, she took the experiments off the syllabus! Thank goodness! One less thing to worry about. Don't you hate when you work your butt off for a due date and when you get to that class, they say "They were due tonight, BUT if you need to turn them in next week, that will be fine!!" Oh that drives me nuts...the good thing's done...there ain't NO WAY I'm taking that mess back home to work on it more! Can't remember if I mentioned lately which class this is, but it's Social Studies/Science worst subjects! So I am honestly hoping to come out of this class excited about those subjects and good ideas for teaching them. I did my social studies lesson plan on community helpers which was fun!

Since baby Porter will be making his arrival the first of April, I'm gonna sit out Spring quarter. Although I hate to have to do a re-admit form just for one quarter, but we do what we gotta do. This summer I will take my last class, and from there the only thing left will be student teaching. One day! I won't be able to quit my paying, day job, so unless I can find a job teaching and go the intern route...I'll be sitting out again. But if that's all that I have left, I can handle that. I know God will put things in place when it's time. For now, I'm thankful to have a job. But I can't wait to be finished.

We got out of class by 8:00 last night. When I got home, Noah was already in bed...but not asleep! So there's no way I could turn down those sweet hugs and kisses. And boy have they gotten sweet. It's normally like pulling teeth to get a hug, but he's been giving them out for free lately!! For some reason he decided that he didn't want to go back to his bed..he wanted to sleep in his tent. Did I really think he'd sit still long enough to pass out in the living room...I don't think so!! But, I let him try it out. And sure enough, after about 20 minutes of trying to get comfortable and making sure he had every stuffed animal and pillow he could possibly fit in there with him, he did in fact pass out!!
Remember how fun it was to make pallets and tents and sleep in them. I would have to see if chiropractor the next day if I was to try it now...but boy the fun!! And honestly I was gonna let him sleep there. Mainly because I knew he'd be up in a few hours headed toward my room anyway. But when we got down and looked hard, we realized he was sleeping on bare floor practically. I'm gonna have to teach him to make a good, fluffy pallet. It looks like the fluff never made it far enough into the tent to help. When we went to check on him...the flap was down and his empty milk cup was sitting out next to room service!! How thoughtful...because I would've forgotten about it and if we did ever find would have to be tossed. So thank you little No!

Getting a bit freaked out...I hit 29 weeks today!! Although I know it's hard and most people do NOT want to go the whole 40 weeks, but I need all of them!! So I've gotta make the most of the next 11 weeks!! Chris will start on the entertainment center this weekend. I think we're gonna go with this antique white color....
I'd like to eventually redo my kitchen cabinets the same color. But for now, we at least know we're gonna paint, and not worry about staining! So let the fun begin!

I have my 30 week appointment next week and then we'll begin the bi-weekly visits. To me, that's when it all becomes REAL , and I realize he's almost here. But we can't wait! Life's too short to sit around worrying and planing everything out. Some times you just have to go with the flow, which is exactly what we've been doing the last 7 months...haven't had time to stop!!!

Happy Hump Day!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

3rd Trimester and Projects

Wow, I don't remember hitting the 3rd trimester with Noah and feeling it immediately! This time around...I didn't think I was gonna be able to pull off the 3 day week last week. I feel so worn out and tired for no reason what-so-ever! And all day yesterday, I was feeling sore from the waist (well where it use to be) down. I'm guessing from by body just preparing and getting ready. And this morning I've felt so stinking dizzy. And to top it all off, I'm sure wishing it was summer already...I have a hard time putting on my socks and shoes. The other night we had a few people over and I asked Chris to help pull my cowboy boots off and Nick looked over at Rachel and said "Don't get any ideas!!"

So last night Jordan came by to get Chris to work on her computer and I got her to stop and grab dinner and some night pull ups for Noah. Although we were very appreciative of her...Noah was NOT so happy! She thought it would be funny to get him the princess pullups instead of the manly ones. And honestly, I never thought he would even notice it....but he did!!
He said "These for guhls, I don't want these!! Call Boo Boo and tell her to get my udder ones!" So after calling Boo and telling her how mad he was, and even telling her he loved her, we got this text from Gigi....
And of course, he was then in a better mood. He even woke up this morning telling me to call Boo. But while Boo was still here, we pulled out the baby heart monitor that Noah found and tried to hear baby Porter's heart beat. Nothing was heard but Noah talking. He told Boo that he was gonna help feed baby Porter, but he wasn't doing the "stinky stinky diapers!" He's just started being talking to my belly, but still can't get over the fact of how big it is and keeps telling me to put it back. I can't wait to see how he will react to him.

This is the bedding theme I am gonna try to go with. Hopefully mom and I can get together one weekend and make it all happen. We're just gonna do the bumper and a plain Jane bed skirt so it SHOULDN'T be that complicated, but you never know when I'm involved!!
Here's our next project we're about to tackle. I love
I always find the best ideas and plans on her website! Someone used a few different plans to construct this and now we're going to make a few changes and build our own. We will actually have two smaller end shelves to hold all of Chris' DVD's and games. We've got to get all of those out of the extra bedroom to begin on Porters room. Now I've just got to decide on a good color to paint it...Not sure I want black or white...but not positive about staining either.
Don't know if you'll be able to see it or not, but I enjoy watching Chris and Noah go over his shapes, colors and numbers. This was just a little shape video! Have a great day!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 2012!

Once again....I'm behind!! But guess what? It's a new year! And hopefully I can do better.

Chris got me a new point and shoot camera for Christmas so I thought I'd unload them here today as a start!!

Since It's been a while, we'll start with baby Porter- No Middle Name - Thomas! This is the day we found out he was a "he" and not a "she"! As soon as we got home I had to pull out Noah's picture at this same appointment in 2008...they look identical!

18 weeks
21 weeks
25 weeks
26 weeks
Here's the chiferobe Chris and Papaw redid for Porters room. I can't find my before picture, but I will have to find it. The doors were sliding doors, the whole thing was open in the inside, and they cute the bottom area out for me so that I could use it as well since it was so deep! I am so very proud of it. I've gotta do a little caulking, and then it will be ready to load up.
Noah and his new Scooby!!

He loves sleeping with all of his buddies!!
Of everything in the Toys R us, he chose this shark!!
I love this picture of him playing his game.
New Year's Fun with the Hancocks!!
Now, how could you resist spending New Years with this....
He was MAD that he had to sit in her lap!
Another FAVE...he thinks he is BIG stuff!!

They were discussing who was gonna push the pedal and who was gonna steer....Noah ended up doing both.
Into his movie and his tent!
Taking Giraffe for a ride
Alli and her Mini-Mini Coop
My little fishing cheater

Learning to shave..
ends in a foam fight with daddy!
No words needed for these two pics!

Christmas day!
Baby Jackson

Happy Friday!! Sorry for the OVERLOAD!!