Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catching Up

I sure wish I could make a better effort at blogging everyday. It's my stress relief as well as preserving sweet memories. In my reading methods class last week, we talked about writing and finding ideas to write on. And to make a point to get your students writing and enjoying it, but that we have to do it also. I loved that 5-8pm time frame, not necessarily the other days so much. But I'm hoping that will keep me motivated to try to stay on top of things and really WANT to write...all the time. Yeah right, but can't blame me for trying.

So lately I've been feeling really guilty....with Chris (short tempered and rolling eyes is what he says), Noah (short tempered and just worn out, he's extremely too busy), and baby peanut (just can't sit down long enough (without passing out) to be able to keep up with anything or write anything down. They always say that it's completely different with number 2 and boy and I believing it. I know that I'm not really any tired-er, or sicker-er.....just that I have a 3 year old now to chase around when before.....no one to worry about....Chris knew how to fix his own dinner, get himself dressed and even use the potty without any help. I had it made huh!! No way, I wouldn't have it any other way today...just lots more energy. The good thing is, I'm just now starting to feel better. I will be 14 week tomorrow. I can f
inally get up in the mornings and not see how long it takes me to tinkle and get some kind of breakfast going before I was sick. And I am not a breakfast person. So this has been a big adjustment for me. With Noah, I was sick for about 5 weeks straight, sick every morning, but perfectly fine by lunch. And this time, I've been sick for about 7 weeks but not sick every morning...just morning sickness....well you could call it on and off all day sickness. And I think I've thrown up only twice that hasn't been from Noah's potty accidents or even good jobs! I've never had a problem with throw up, or boo boo or even pee, but oh man it's been bad this time. Chris and I fought over a mess the other day, and needless to say, I got out of it before Chris was cleaning up my mess too. Actually, Chris got sick in the car last weekend, and I felt horrible. I couldn't even get him out of his car seat. Luckily Chris was in town and came to help me. Talking about feeling guilty, I couldn't even help my little man for gagging my self. That was a horrible feeling.

And food....anything fried or with bread. I don't even know that I could eat anything with noodles right now, the thought grosses me out. With Noah I lived off chicken....mainly Cane's, and this time, it's been chocolate and anything fried. I have been so hungry....I'm embarrassed. I sure am glad that I'm kinda starting to feel myself again, becau
se I need to start walking. Specially since everyone keeps asking if I'm having twins!! :)

Two weeks ago we finally got to go meet the newest member of the Turner family....Baby Mason. Is he not precious? We enjoyed getting to visit and take some sweet family shots for them.

This past weekend we did little Brooklynnes 2nd birthday party pics. I love to do party pics, we always have so much fun!

And a few weeks ago we fished, ate, and went to the fair for Gigi's birthday. My pictures loaded up backwards, sorry!!

Happy Tuesday!