Saturday, May 31, 2008

~Birthday Fun~

We made a road trip to Winnsboro today. Noah's other twin cousins were having a birthday party. They were turning 3! As we were driving up, the house definately stood out....there was a huge blow up slide and bouncer. How much fun is that? Check out some of the pics that Chris took.
"Party Here"

Kailee attempted a jump instead of a slide

Birthday Boy Cooper

Enjoying their birthday present

She was having lots of fun!

Playing in the sprinkler

Josh and JT

Miranda and Hope

Chelsea and Miranda

End of 32 weeks...moving on!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A little behind on posts....

Wow, already 32 weeks! I can not believe it! My appointment went well last week. All the usual to do's when I got back there. She listened for the heartbeat and measured my belly and said everything was great. She asked if he'd been moving alot. And of course, he never stops. She said that she didn't have to worry about those babies which made me feel much better. I have another "boring" two week appt. coming up and then two weeks later will start the real thing......checking me!! That makes me really nervous! What if she checks and says...."Ok, time to start pushing!" I guess that's why they say to have your bag packed by now!

31 Weeks

32 Weeks
Wondering how much bigger I could possibly get!!
The bun's trying to get out of the oven!!
(Sorry it's a little dark)

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. We hung out at Tink's around the pool. It was nice to just get away and do NOTHING!
Chris trying to stay out of the sun!

Daddy's crazy dog!!

And by the way, have I mentioned lately how much I love my co-workers! I work with some of the best people ever. They are always taking care of me. Just last week, they suprised me by taking me on a picnic for lunch because I mentioned on a crazy survey that I had been trying to get Chris to take me on a picnic for 6 years. They're the! Thanks guys!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

~Fun Pics~

It was a beautiful Saturday today! We went to our neices b-day party this morning, and then decided to get out with the dogs and take a few pics.

Thanks Jay!

Pictures from the party........

Friday, May 16, 2008

~Good Job Chris!~

Chris and Papaw have been working really hard on a shelf to put up in Noah's room. I found the idea and showed it to him and so instead of buying it, we (he) decided that he could make it. And I have to say that it turned out larger and more beautiful than I was expecting. I am so proud of you. I know Noah will be proud too (maybe in 18 years).

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I don't think I've posted since my last Dr. visit. We're going every two weeks now, so time's flying. Everything was good. I had to see the nurse practicioner because the Dr. had two emergency c-sections and an eptopic pregnancy to take care of! She said that we were measuring correctly. I tried to ask her where exactly he was in there. She tried to feel, and what I was thinking, was way off. I think he's at that point now where there's not much "leg" room and he's doing a lot of squirming. I love when we're sitting on the couch next to Chris and Noah starts moving. When I say moving, I mean trying to get out, like an alien coming out of the belly! Last night, he was doing it and Chris was freaked out. He couldn't say anything. It was hilarious. And when I sit at my desk at work, he's constantly pushing against the desk. I love it!

So I had a dream last night about Noah. The first thing I remember was spotting a tiny bit, not even enought to call it that...and the next thing I know, i am at the movie theatre with Chris and out friend Pat, and I had the baby. A little girl stopped me and said "I hope your baby brings you as much joy as mine does, and I'm only 16". Ok that was weird! Where the heck did that come from! But we were going to the movies quite a bit so that would make sense. Then as I sit down for the movie, I realize that I haven't fed the baby and it had been like 2 days. Ok, here's where all these thoughts that I am having are coming into play. I hope that I DO NOT forget to feed my child. But the baby was extremely good, I don't think it cried one bit. That's very nice to know, I hope that sign is true. So I left the guys at the movie to go home and feed the baby, becuase I couldn't just whip the "girls" out for dinner in the theatre right. Whe I got home I fed him and everything was A-Ok. Now Chris and I always talk about the fact that if this child is ginormous, and how he will not be able to fit in the newborn clothes that we have. So we had a hard time putting the bib on his big neck. Then I went to the babies room...and oh NO!! It still was NOT ready! That makes me a little worried, I will be working on that this weekend for sure. I put the baby down for a few minutes and he crawled away and then one time walked I think. Now wouldn't that be wild, they come out ready to go to school almost! I'm always thinking about the day that I have to change him, and he pees all over me. Well in the dream, he started peeing, but it wasn't shooting up, it was going down towards the back of him. I decided to make sure that all the appropriate parts were there. There were 3 parts, but instead of the normal 2 that go together, they were antenna like things, one on each side. Where did this come from, and to make things worse, they were TECH blue. Maybe he was just came out with team spirit, I can't explain. So that was my wild dream. And needless to say, I will be getting things together and prepared quickly in case this is a sign.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Favorite Scrubs Episode

I had to put this o n here. We love to watch Scrubs, and since I'm pregnant it means even more! Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

~The bun's outgrowing the oven~

Man-O-Man! We're getting bigger and bigger and it's scary! He's constantly moving and kicking now. And I change my mind about him not being a night owl......just as I'm about to get to sleep he wakes up. I think I'm starting to get to the point where I just can't get comfortable, especially in bed. I hope the Warm weather will stick around now. Noah and I can't wait to go for a swim in Pop and Gigi's pool. Maybe this weekend. Here's a few pics. We finally finished Noah's canvases for the wall. We've just got to get them hung. I hope that everyone has a great weekend....TGIF!
Finally finished

27 Weeks

28 Weeks and my favorite pajamas will no longer fit my big belly!