Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A once in a lifetime shot.....

...this will never happen again! Look how sweet!
We took some pics last weekend of Miss Alli P. Isn't she the cutest little red head you've ever seen! Always smiling and laughing!!
And my little man still trying to figure out his tricycle. Chris didn't like this little outfit, but it was handed down and I couldn't pass up a few pics in it! I thought he was still precious!
From there we did Cookies with Santa at Doodlebugs! It didn't go quite like we'd expected...assuming that Noah would freak out and Alli would be ok....boy were we wrong....
She wanted nothing to do with him and Noah was intrigued! Anytime he was holding him, he would stiffen up, but he never cried.
This were both checking him out.
On Sunday we took some pictures of Noah's buddy Owen. He will be 1 year old in January. He's so cute!
A GREAT weekend topped off with our precious "Snow Day" pictures by crystalgarcia.com ....

She did a great job....my favorite is definitely the family picture (my header).
3 more days until Christmas (2week) break! I can't wait!! Have a good day!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Surgery update

He did great. His ears must've been stinging last night when I put his ear drops in, because he cried and cried...until I could get his mind off of rubbing them.

First thing...he was not liking the bracelet. He tried and tried to get that thing off!
Then when we got to the back we were asked to change into a hospital gown...I've never seen one this little. And of course we took a liking to the pole and attempted to pull it off.Then we rocked....and as you can see, we had to put his shoes back on because he doesn't know what it means to sit still.
His booty hanging out and look at those legs.
We played games with daddy.
Then came the drowsy meds....I've never seen his sit this still before.giving his mommy some lovin..
And here he is all ready to go home!! My big boy!He did great. His ears must've been stinging last night when I put his ear drops in, because he cried and cried...until I could get his mind off of rubbing them. I can't wait for him to get all cleared up.

Chris took a few fun pics of us on Sunday, you can see them here if interested...

Friday, December 4, 2009

We finally got another haircut!

I wanted to make sure that I got Noah's hair cut before our Snow Day pictures on Sunday. He's got a friend at Dorothy's named Owen. Owen's mom Caitlin cuts hair, so I called her on short notice and she did have an opening. He did really good too. He flirted with all the ladies in there, and ate suckers, m&m's and a moon pie! Whatever works right?
When we got done...he had to walk around the salon and talk to everyone. It was like we feel as women...you know when you get a good haircut and you feel good...that was him! He was so happy and wild and talking like crazy! He felt HOTT!! Thank you so much Caitlyn for this sweet little haircut. We can't stop talking about it! Please say a prayer for my little man this weekend. We are having his surgery Monday morning to get tubes put in. I hope he feels much better after all of this. Have a great weekend. Ours will be busy...girls shopping trip today, shots in the morning, a few photo shoots, our Snow Day shoot on Sunday, and surgery Monday!