Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where has the time gone....

Wow, when they turn 2, time goes by even faster I think! Or maybe that's just the terrible 2's kicking in :) Although he's been wild and wooly, and he's mastered the's been incredibly FUN! I love watching all of his new adventures....

We haven't hit potty training head on yet, but we're working at it! Last night we caught him grunting, and caught him just in time to do #2 on the potty for the first time. Actually, we've never done anything on the potty yet so we are EXTREMELY proud! We had to give him M&M's at 8:00pm just for that! How embarrassing, I'm so excited about a poo!! The things we will do as parents!
He absolutely loves Dorothy and Mr. Clyde! I am so thankful for those two! They are an excellent team, especially when it comes to our babies! They love each and everyone of those kids! Lately Noah's been extra sweet at Dorothy's. He's been taking up for his friends when another kid is being ugly or stealing their toys! I'm so proud! I just wish he was that sweet at home :) ALL THE TIME!

I get this look often!
Looking like a big boy!
(with Horsey, Doggy, and Raffe)
He's having his pa-tart with his friends!
Meet Doggy (nose coming apart), Raffe (lives at Dorothy's) and Horsey (bandana coming apart)

Pa-tarts in the car.
While we sing "If you're happy and your know, then your face will surely show it!"
"Mon-ter Git U"
He's been on a monster kick lately. All thanks to GiGi buying him a candy bowl that has a skeleton on top that tries to get your hand when you get the candy! :) It's a fun bowl, but it's about the only thing that will make him straighten up! He likes to tip-toe around the house when it's dark saying "Shh" like he's listening for something. And when we went to Lowe's the other day, they already had up their Christmas stuff.....well guess who he called a "mon-ter"....yep Santa Clause!! This year should be interesting.

Showing off daddy's toolbox he made Noah for his Handy Manny halloween costume. He's going to carry this around and put his candy in it. Don't get too attached though! Right after this picture, he threw it! Daddy's working on another one as we speak...good thing the first one was a little too heavy!
Chris Thomas made over
We've been working on modeling career....NOT!!
I thought I'd add this video of him with his favorite song!