Sunday, December 28, 2008

My heart is CRUSHED!

My heart is completely crushed. Yesterday around lunch, I decided to upload my Christmas pics at Mamaw's house and then I would work on the actual blog when I got home. Well it was taking forever and Noah was fussy and I was ready to get home. So we left with all intentions of adding the rest of my pics later. Well......later that afternoon, I plug in my faithful external hard drive of 2 years and realize that it's NO LONGER FAITHFUL.... She CRASHED! All 700 pictures of my baby's first Christmas are GONE...KAPOOEY! Oh I think I'm going to cry again just thinking about it. It's been a few weeks since we'd backed it up, so I've actually lost more than that, but those were the most important. Can you believe it? I feel like someone has ripped out my heart and stomped on it! If anyone has any ideas that my computer savvy husband hasn't already tried, please let me know.

Here are the only ones that I got loaded. We're so sorry baby Noah!

Christmas with Gigi and Pops

Christmas with Mamaw and Papaw

Ok so I know it's just pictures, and we have all the wonderful, sweet memories, it's just extremely hard to get over. It could be a lot worse. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Friday, December 12, 2008

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

11 new outfits from Old Navy
10 Birthday kisses for Pop (Looking good at 42 huh? :)
9 Reasons for mommy to invest in rainboots and a good umbrella
8 handsome antlers 7 Great hours of sleep (plus more) 6 Fun hours of working on my leg muscles

5 Fun Discovery toys to play with4 Peeping Eyes 3 Cold Teething Keys
2 "Happy" Plates
And a BIG boy carseat
He really didn't get 11 outfits. We did have a big order come in with 6 outfits in it, but 2 were Christmas gifts. This was one of his little outfits. It's a 6-12, but I don't know that he will be wearing it after 5 months. He always looks like he's flooding with the 1 piece suits. His daddy and I were talking about how we think he's going to have his Pops legs. We always say that pops has long, skinny, bird legs so Noah has long way to go for the skinny, bird part, but they're getting long. He's going to play b-ball. Wednesday was Pops birthday and he, Gigi and Boo Boo came up for the Tech/ULM basketball game and cake. We didn't get to go to the game. Our little man has been so congested and coughing like crazy. I didn't want to get him out. Speaking of which, everybody at daycare has been sick and out. Oh I hope we don't get it that bad. And last night he coughed all night. We are having Christmas with Gran and Jack Jack this weekend, so I hope we don't get too sick! This week when it rained so bad, I realized that I need some good rain gear. This picture doesn't do justice for how I really looked and felt. My feet were wet all day.
Well on FABULOUS note....Tech will be getting their 2 week break in one week. One more week and we will get to sleep late and play with our kids all day if we want to. I can't wait. Chris is taking off the first week with me. And I think that us girls from the office will be getting together on that Monday to hang out at the mall with the kiddos and take santa pics. So much to do and 2 weeks to do it.
Have a great weekend.

Monday, December 8, 2008

On the 8th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

8 handsome antlers
7 Great hours of sleep (plus more)
6 Fun hours of working on my leg muscles

5 Fun Discovery toys to play with

4 Peeping Eyes 3 Cold Teething Keys

2 "Happy" Plates

And a BIG boy carseat

So we had a really interesting weekend. So begin, we had plans to go see Amanda and Madden and go to his birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheeses. I could not wait. And then on our way home, we were going to stop and see Karen and baby Brooks. However, plans were cancelled when I realized on Friday that I NEEDED 4 new tires. And not just "will need them soon", but the tires had been wore down to the metal. Man, I must be rough on tires huh? Chris told me that I need to go back to drivers ed now that I have these new tires so I won't tear them up. Changing the subject, here's a pic of our tree.
My baby loves to read...or at least turn the pages
It's Friday night, and he's out early.
So when Chris went for his weekly poker night, I decided that I would take lots of pics of Noah since I don't have enough! :) HA HA! It's kind of hard to get him to sit up (which he still needs help with), and them look at the camera. I tried though. Check out the rolls on this little dude! Saturday night, he slept all night in his big boy bed. It was still a little chilly in there, but I did it. He did just fine. I missed him being in my room. I feel like my baby has grown up! NOT! Because the next night, he was back in my room, but only becuase he didn't feel good all day, and I think he kept trying to throw up. It had us a little nervous. But tonight's a new night!
We went to a Discovery Toy party on Thursday night. He really enjoyed himself, especially flirting with Miss Kyla. I guess he don't remember her slapping the mess out of him the last time they hung out. Jay Jay got him a few toys for Christmas.
Don't he look like the guys who sing "Whip It"....I think it's Devo.
Before we left, Noah decided to take Kyla's Combi for a spin around the block. This is so cute! The steering wheel turned and made noises.
So after we realized that we weren't headed to Baton Rouge, we decided that we'd go help Pops put up his Christmas lights after we took care of the tires. While we were there, they gave him his present early....the rainforest jumperoo (video above). He LOVES it. We have laughed so hard at it. Sometimes he gets to jumping sideways and looks like a boxer. And even when he's crying and whining...he's still bouncing. That's love. And this is what he looks like after all the fun...


Here is a great reason why mommys (and expecting mommys) should always make sure that she has the right size diaper on her child, especially if they LOVE to bounce all day!
I'm sorry, it was an accident.
Just a quick lesson! (Ashley and Jay) And as you can see, mommy cleans and daddy gags as he takes pictures!