Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We made it through RELAY!

I don't have a whole lot of pics to post right now...Chris took so many! So here are just a few for now. We had a decent turnout. It wasn't big by any means, but the rain scared people off! I had a good time for my first Relay! And after a year, Ill be ready for the next..but give me at least a year! This was one of my favorite parts..Luminaria!
Mamaw House (My dad's mom)
Mamaw Mina (My mom's grandmother)
Memaw (My mom's other grandmother)
Mrs. Mary Ann (My best friend's mom)
And the Survivor lap! What a wonderful celebration!
Noah enjoyed his first Relay. And this was Paige's first time to meet him!
Even Jay Jay came out for a while.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Noah loves his Alli Cat

I'm going to apologize ahead of time....this is a long..but FUN post from Noah!! SORRY!

Alli and I went to Gigi and Pops on Saturday and we had lots of fun! I held her and told her that she was my FAVORITE baby cousin, and how much I loved her red hair.

Then we talked about what all we would do when she got as big as me, and I told her what I had just done in my diaper and we laughed and laughed...
Well actually, she didn't laugh, she just ignored me, so I tried to push her off the bed.
I held her hand...(well, more like squeezed it since it was turning red) and tried to help her go to sleep.
Then all of a sudden, I was out like a light just like her.
She just didn't want to wake up and play with me. You can't find the easter eggs with your eyes closed Alli!
Even mommy couldn't wake her up. We were making Jay Jay nervous in this picture, but mommy had it under control!
Alli...I'm going to eat all of your candy and take over that easter basket if you don't wake up...

I warned her. Woo Hoo! As you can see, I don't fit as well, but I enjoyed it more!

We played outside.

And these are mommy's favorite pictures of us! I'm trying to be loud and wake her up....not even a grunt from her, and I was LOUD!

Did I tell you how much I love my mommy?


She loves to hug me....
and kiss me..

and play with me..
and tickle me (too much actually)...
and throws me high in the air! Well not REAL high, I weigh too much!!
Don't we look just alike?I played Bean a lot...he's so furry and sweet! He taught me how to say "dog"!

Here we are outside....he loves me! Can't you tell!

Mommy, can we take Bean home?

Sit.Good Bean!! See I can take care of him!
Then I needed a nap!
I love to play outside!
I can't quite figure out why Jay Jay loves to aggrevate me!
I'm not crazy about the whole idea of crawling, so I think that I will just start to work on walking. I'm doing pretty good actually. I can stand up and hold on to things all by myself...watch out, I'm going to be FAST!

My first Cheeto! Yum Yum!
I was a good bed partner too! I slept with Jay Jay, Mommy and Alli!

Gigi got the girls some fishing poles and shiners from Cooters. Yep, they live in the country now!!
They were ready to go!
My Boo Boo loves to have her picture taken..

Mommy said that she didn't think that there were any fish on that side of the lake. They didn't get 1 bite. But maybe mommy jinxed herself by getting her line caught on a rope in the water and having to break the line with the first throw of the day! Way to go mom! But she still had a good time!
So, we've finally figured out the reason that Gigi and Pops wanted to move to Farmerville......

1. Beautiful sunrises

2. And us! I do not blame her one bit, we are precious huh?
Papaw and Mamaw Jones came down to visit. We enjoyed seeing them!
I was checking him out!
And this is MiMi. She is as old as Boo Boo (about 16). She's deaf, so we have to do sign language to her. I watch her all the time, but she ignores me. Mommy said that she's just old and cranky. We love her front tooth that sticks out. Isn't she sweet!

And this is me in the mornings. I like to look for mommy or daddy when they are coming to get me out of the bed.
When I get a little stronger...I can just get out myself. I can't wait!
My blankie is so soft and cuddly!
Mommy took this picture, it reminded her of our little family! Daddy turtle, mommy turtle and me, baby turtle.

Have a great week and don't forget about Relay! It will be my first and I am super excited!