Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous that my 1 year old has more lips than I do! His daddy was so kind to bless him with those, which is exactly what I always said I wanted before I had him. I wanted him to have blond hair, blue eyes (like his Papaw), and those big ol' juicy lips!!

So on Saturday, he had a few accidents arise. First, he was trying to work out on my exercise ball when he rolled face first into the floor. We had a nice busted lip and even messed up his front right tooth. You can barely tell from this picture, but it's pushed back and up into the gums a little bit. But we got over that (well he did anyway) and went to stay with Pops and Gigi, where his block tripped him and busted his lip AGAIN!! He just didn't have a good day with those big things. Pops says that with lips that big, they're always going to be busted. :)

I'm not sure how he always seems to give me a crazy look, but he does it every time! I had to take this picture above of his red beans and rice and sausage. He went to take his first bite and picked out the sausage. So I picked out all of the sausage (for myself of course) and he began to eat. He also does his spaghetti O's and meatballs like this, but it works out great because the meatballs are my favorite :)! He also dipped his crackers in his dinner last night like us. He's so silly.

Here he is trying out his first sour, gummy worm. As he does with anything he eats...he practically swallows it whole. He will take a bite, chew a few bites then swallow and force it down. And he eats fast just like his daddy. I guess they both think that it will grow legs and run off their plates. Not sure!
And I hope Dorothy checks this post out. This is why Noah LOVES to aggravate. He gets it honestly! Yes it looks like a tight, sweet hug...but it wasn't!!
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Life is Good

...well, most of the time :)!! I love this picture, it shows his chompers!!
And we're down to only knowing where 2 paci's are out of a bazillion. Which is OK, when we lose these two, there will be NO MORE!! And we're working on these. He knows that he only gets it for bed, and when he gets up in the morning, he drops it into his bed. I'm not sure why, but this one he always sucks upside down.
I Love his eyes...and check out his punk rock hair...which needs to be cut again! It grows like mine!
He's just recently learned to pucker for a kiss! It melts my heart!
"Who needs dirt?"
Playing a little HORSE with daddy!!
"Mom, guess what I can do!!""Ta-Da, I'm not scared of anything"
So next week (tentatively Friday), Miss Alli P will be a BIG SISTER!!

...and mommy is READY!!
I wish that I had the whole video, but it was too big to send from our phones. Lately Chris has been playing memory with Noah everyday. We also have some flash cards that we show him and he'll either say what it is or the sound...this is all I have for now!! Enjoy!

We are still selling the Worlds Finest Chocolate bars...what a great Easter treat for $1!
We are also raffling off a Cabela's sleeper sofa for a $2 donation. We will be drawing the night of Relay which by the way is Friday, April 16, @ the Ruston High track.

And if that's still not what you are looking for, we have the famous Johnny's Pizza Coupon book for $10.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life...Always on the GO!!!

Where to begin....

Little Biddy's: Jay and I decided to start sewing and try to make a little extra moo-lah for fun! So we call our little "business" if that's what you want to call it, Little Biddy's after our Grandmother. Since she's been busy with babies and more babies, I've decided to give her some time off. :) Before I could realize what I'd done, I was sewing like crazy for the Ruston Kool Kids sale as a vendor with some other ladies. They are awesome at painting canvas' and I stick with the sewing machine. On top of the dresses, bows and other things that I was making, Chris was building some children's picnic tables and getting them ready to sell as well. I was worn out none-the-less!! Here were some of my goodies..And if anyone's interested in a picnic table, please let me know. We are selling them for $100, and keep up with our etsy site at http://www.etsy.com/shop/littlebiddys. (there's only 1 thing on there right now, but I'm working on that now)

Our Booth

Baby John Walker: A few of us got together for Jamie's new little boy on the way. His name will be John Walker Hancock...aka...J Walk! Jays going to kill me! We had lots of good food and just hung out and checked out his room. Here are a few pics...

Yum...the food

Alli's 1st Birthday Party: Her theme was Piggie!! Our sweet little red head is already ONE...well this Friday she will be!

Thomas Wedding: My brother-in-law got married this past weekend. He married the wonderful Chelsea Peel. She's such a doll and they are the sweetest couple!! They are honeymooning as we speak in Keystone, CO!! We are so jealous!!
(I'll have to add pics later...running late)

Noah: Wild and crazy....in a nutshell! He's getting so big. He's doing so good at his little flashcards that we bought him. He knows what everything is and the sounds. And he's talking good thank goodness. Although I think the word.."huh"...is about to get worn out. He's been a bit wild lately, but his life has been just as hectic as ours lately, so I'm hoping that everything and everybody will finally begin to slow down!!

FAT to PHAT: It's time...I'm finally to the point of being miserable, and tired of wanting to look like someone else. I've just got to get up and do something about it. I've told daddy that we'd do the Peach Festival run, so I've gotta get busy!! Here are the pics that reminded me that it was TIME!! I can't wait!!

Have a great week!!