Thursday, November 19, 2009

Snow Day Mini Sessions

Be sure to visit to set up your "Snow Day Mini Session"!! What a great Christmas portrait this would make. I would love to be able to send these out as Christmas cards. This is a great photo theme considering we don't get this around here too often.

Have a great day....Oh and by the way....Jamie and Lance are having a BOY!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who else is ready....

for CHRISTMAS? I can't wait. It becomes so much more special with children in our lives. I've already put up our work tree. Chris is planning on getting the house lights up this weekend, then next week I will put all of our inside stuff up...if I can wait that long! We have 37 days, 5 more weekends until Christmas! I can't wait for all the exciting stuff that goes on between now and then.

My little man is growing up so fast. Yesterday on our way home, I was asking him where dada was and he said "dada home", but it sounded like "dada hum"! He's trying. He can talk all day long, you just can't tell what he's saying. He had a very serious conversation with me this morning about picking up his chocolate milk cup off the floor. It went on for about 5 minutes before he would finally pick it up! And he's Chris made over...not only for all of the talking, but also aggrevating. Well Ithink he also gets that from his Pop, but either way! He will run up to you and act like he's going to give you something or to hug you, and just as soon as you bend over...he's GONE, and laughing! Little toot. He loves the itsy bitsy spider, and can do the whole thing with his hands. He also loves the wheels on the bus, and dances....all of a sudden, he's dancing non-stop! I love it! He's getting so sweet and fun! All we need now is a haircut!!

Have a great day and hopefully I can get some pics up soon!