Friday, May 29, 2009

We did it...

we let him go WILD with his ravioli's! And he loved it. Don't you just LOVE this picture?

He even had it up his nose. Here's another swim pic.

And look at my mans MOHAWK...his hair's gotten so long that it curves over on the reminds me of the Who's hairstyles.

We are headed to the beach 4:00 in the morning. We can't wait. We'll keep you updated on twitter!! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swimming for the first time

Here are a few from the other day at the Natatorium. I hope he enjoys the beach next week!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a weekend!

Friday Night: It was time to really prepare for our garage sale. We made a run out to my house to get all of my goodies and then headed back to Jays. I stayed the night there so that I wouldn't have to get up and drive! When we got back, it started raining, so we decided we'd take a rest and enjoy a little El Jarrito! After that, is when all the mess began. Jay and I had to take another trip out to my house, then we stopped by their storage building to get it cleaned out for the sale. Oh man, you should've seen us. If our husbands would have seen how we had the truck loaded, we would be in big trouble. Jaya's motto was..."If it falls out, it falls out!" I told her that I was NOT driving, so I followed behind in her ride. We didn't get past the 1st speed bump and it all went to rocking and almost fell out. So we decided to do a little more adjusting. You know how us women pack and adjust...we just throw it in! So then, once we got homewe started unloading and tagging and rearranging under the garage. We assumed it would be raining. So then around 12:30 or so, we realize that we do not have any stakes to hang up our signs with. We head to Walmart for stakes and staples and of course they do not have the staples that we need. so after 30 minutes of getting the wrong staples stuck in Jays staple gun, we just decided to go with tacs. So about 1:30 we start putting up the signs, and the first stop was on Kentucky and 167. I had to drop her off and turn around, and I could not help but laugh at the fact that she was all by herself in the bright green shirt and crocs, hammering the stake into the ground with a staple gun! Once I got turned around, we parked on the side so that we could get the others ready. That's when the RPD stopped to make sure we were ok, and not doing anything that we weren't suppose to be doing.
But this was my favorite part...we were going to put one up right before her neighborhood. When she first started to get out, we thought we heard this long scary whistle.
Well you know, I couldn't leave it at that...I had to egg it on! "What was that Jay?"
"OMG...JAY GET IN THE CAR NOW!" and I started acting like I was going to leave her. I've never seen Jay run so fast, jump in a moving car and shut the door that fast. And yes, she slammed the sign in the door!
What a night!
Satuday-Bright and Early: Our first customer was waiting on us to wake up! 5:00am! And while we were outside working hard...wink wink....
They were snoozing!!
Then the Martins stopped by for a quick visit. Cooper enjoyed the bumbo.
Miss Emily Cooper with his "skirt"
We also went to Miranda's 9th birthday party at the Natatorium, and Noah got to swim for the first time, but those pics are on the good camera. I will load them up soon.
Sunday: We all slept late. Noah didn't get up and out of bed until 10:30! Yay! It was great!My baby was tired from swimming. We just decided to do nothing and run to Mamaw and Papaws. I love these pics of him trying to drink out of the glass. Look at that lip.

And we got to go outside and swing. He loves to swing. He got mad and cried everytime we had to get him out.

I found him in his mobile literally!

This is the skirt and shirt I made Miranda.

And this is the onsie I tested out for Alli cat.
And here are there "RO" outfits that I redid. They look much better.
Have a good day. 3 more days and we are headed to the beach!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachel and Noah

Today is our friend Rachel's birthday. And when she gets off work today, they are heading to the beach. So Noah and Alli picked her up a few goodies that she could take with her. We hope you have a great birthday Ray Ray and a good trip! (sorry you have to work today though!!)

It was hard work picking out a gift!
And today is Noah's 10 month birthday!

He's doing so good with his took us a while, he's a little lazy!
And we are getting a new tooth in on top. It's looking a little crooked...hoping that it will straighten up and even get a partner. It's so cute though!
And Alli cat came home with us a couple of days ago so mommy could earn some comp time for vacation. We had a good time!

My friend Ashley, who is due with her first on July 10th, was admitted to the hospital yesterday after her doctor appointment, due to very high blood pressure. Please keep her in your prayers!! Have a good day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

It won't be long until we meet baby Carleigh

My good friend from college is having baby girl that's due in early July! I can't believe how many people are having girls or have had girls. I helped host her first baby shower on Saturday and she got lots of fun goodies!! I made these burp cloths and this wipee case for her.

And this is the cake that Rachel made, another pregnant friend that we are hoping will have a boy!! Noah needs a buddy! She did an excellent job!!

With mommy and baby CarleighAnd this is "baby's daddy", I told him that it would be on here!! Sorry Grady, this is what happens when you take self portraits with other peoples cameras!!
On Sunday, we went to see Kelly's (Rachel's sister) puppies. They are half cocker spaniel and half white dog..aka rat terrier. They are the cutest little things. The pups loved Noah since he was their size. I think he would've been fine with just one..but they all wanted some kisses at the same time and he said..."Ugh"! Which means...that's enough! He watched them the whole time, but just didn't want them eating his shoe... taking a nap on his feet

biting his mommy...oh man..he bit hard too!!....

loving on his daddy...

and sneaking up behind him!!
Oh wait...he's spotted Anna! He's more interested in her than the pups at this moment.
They were all really cute, but this one was fat and lazy and didn't bother anyone!!
If anyone's looking for a puppy, they have 4 left, needing GOOD homes!

And look at little miss Jay, skinny minny!
Oh, oh, baby got another tooth this weekend! He's ready for some steak!!