Friday, August 19, 2011

First Appointment - It's Official

So it was a big laugh around family and friends about how far along I was before I saw Dr. Penebaker. My sister Jackie told me that she thought I was further along than her...she's due in NOV!! My friend Rachel kept telling me that I was about 8 weeks, and I couldn't help but laugh at all these guesses! So as she started the sonogram, I was extremely pleased to find out there was only ONE, no mom, it's not twins!! And then she announced the phrase everyone's been so anxious to hear....."7 weeks and 1 day, due April 4th!" I of course giggled. Rachel was oh so close!! And I really didn't think I would be that far along!! But hey, let the fun begin!! This visit was the real eye opener....took me completely out of shock mode....well shocked that I was was a whole different shock with all the money I will be owing all over again!! You forget about all those painful little, morning sickness (just how bad it was), sleepless nights and thoughts racing constantly! But we are extremely excited about the journey we've been given.

When I picked Noah up from Dorthy's yesterday, we started talking about someone else we know that's pregnant, and how they have a baby in their belly too. As serious as could be, Noah said "I'm pregnant too, I have a baby in my belly!" After laughing, I asked what it was and he said a boy! He's hilarious! Sometimes I can't believe the things that come out of his mouth, not bad just silly!! Lately he's been doing the "I'm shy!" thing! It was cute and funny at first, but after going to Dorthy's for 3 years now and its not so funny having to drag him in because he's shy! It's mainly when there's already a parent there! And I can't say that we are completely potty trained, but we've got #1 down! It's #2 that is making Chris and I want to pull our hair out!! Oh my!! It would be fine if he would say, mommy I had an accident and when we'd get to the bathroom, it would all be there!!! NOT, we always have runaways!! I guess I've gonna have to start buying him the smallest undies out there, even if there cutting off circulation just for a little potty training sanity!!

He's also already started telling me that he doesn't want to get up in the mornings, "I sleeping!!" Actually this morning, I guess I nagged him so much about getting up that he left my room and went and climbed back in his bed and piled pillow and animals up over him so I wouldn't bother him!! Boy was he wrong!!

Well we have a busy Saturday planned. We have a bridal shoot in the morning and dinner with some friends that afternoon!! I love Friday nights with NOTHING going on!! It may be a pizza night, or mexican, or I guess anything I can get my hands on since I am ALWAYS HUNGRY!! Lord help me!! I'm about to gain all of Chris' 46lb. loss!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Noah's gonna be a... BIG BROTHER!!
The timing with this was crazy! There were two times the week that I found out that I caught myself tearing up while looking at pictures of baby Noah and thinking about how much he's grown. I guess my body was trying to tell me something!

Chris and I decided in January to start thinking about baby number 2. Because I've never been normal when it come to "baby issues", my doctor have me a prescription to start taking monthly so that I will hopefully get normal. The funny thing is that I never even got to take them. I saw her June 7, started our 24 day challenge, headed to Dallas for Seminar, and just had not slowed down enough to drop it off. I finally got it taken care of and picked up last Friday (August 5th), and boy am I glad that it didn't cost more than $4! Before taking them, you have to take a test to make sure you're not already pregnant! Which is exactly what I did Saturday morning, expecting to be NEGATIVE!! Yep, I was SHOCKED!! I think I still am!

It happened to work out that ALL of my family would be in to have lunch and celebrate Jackie's passing her boards. So hey, what better timing!! So on our way to town, I kept asking Noah if he was gonna tell everyone that he was a big brother, and I kept hearing...."I'm a burger!" and I knew that there's no way anyone would have a clue what he was talking about. So at lunch, I bribed Noah with his sword to go over to daddy and tell him that his mommy was having a baby. Well Jackie thought he was looking for the baby, and she leaned over and said, "Noah I have the baby!", and he said "NO, my mommy has a baby!!" just as perfect as he could! At that point everyone figured it out!! He also told Mr. Clyde (Dorthy's husband) that his mommy has a baby! I think that really made it hit home! He's gonna be a good big brother!

I go to the doctor next Thursday, and will hopefully have an idea of how far along I am! Because I HAVE NO CLUE!! I haven't been sick yet, but some kinda hungry in the mornings, and I never eat breakfast! Let the fun begin!!

Some fun from this weekend with Bubba and Alli while they were in!!
Last night I went with Tink and Boo to a painting class! It was my first and a lot of fun!! Jordan will be leaving this Sunday for Lafayette! I can't believe she's really going,
but I'm very proud of her putting her big girl panties on!!
While I was enjoying my self, Noah and Chris were having a crisis! Noah was on his stool getting ready to brush his teeth, when he slipped off (with his boots on) and hit the corner of the counter top. Chris said it bled a long time and he was worried that it may need stitches at first, but after nurses Mamaw and Aunt Ann got a hold of it, it was just fine!! I think the tooth almost went through his lip. This is the outside this morning...
and a quick pic of the inside before getting yelled at! It's nasty!! Those big ol lips are always getting themselves in trouble!
Happy Wednesday! Dinner at Mamaws!