Sunday, July 20, 2008

~It's That Time, Baby Noah's On His Way!~

We made it to our due date...July 20, 2008! We decided to go to Gigi and Pops to hang out around the pool and keep our minds...well of being so nervous and just waiting it out. It was nice to be able to chill and know that I have everything done and ready to go. I woke up this morning telling Chris "This is our last Sunday ever without kids, we're gonna be mommy and daddy tomorrow!" I've been doing that all week...thinkin about all the "last things before kids"! We're so very excited and can't wait to see what he looks like! Hopefully soon we can add a few pics of our new little bundle of joy for all of you! We'll go in tonight a little after midnight to get set up and ready to go, and then in the morning they will turn everything up and get all the excitement going. Wish us luck and keep checking back for updates!

I had to add this pic...the crawfish was in the pool this morning!
The last time to wear my shirt that says..."can you tell me if my shoes match?"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

~Last Dr. Appointment~

We made it to the middle of our 39th week and had our last and final Dr. appointment today. I have to say there are a lot of different emotions I am feeling right now! For one, I am extremely happy that I do not have to sit and wait hours for my Dr. to feel me up, and listen to crazy people on their phones while waiting. Chris could've choked a lady today! And two, I am extremely nervous! The next time I see my Dr., I will be pushing! I really can not believe how quick and wonderful this pregnancy has been! It's that time.
Today I was finally called back and while I was getting weighed and my blood pressure checked, Dawn (my doc) was walking by and said that we'd be waiting for a little bit, she had to run over for an emergency C-section. And because she'd already been out that day with a regular delivery, there were 14 others ahead of me waiting. This was about 4:45. We'd already been there since 3:00, but if at all possible, I wanted to stick around and wait. I didn't want to have to come back again before Sunday. So, we waited. The sweet nurse went ahead and took us back into a room and got his heartbeat. We then waited to see either Dawn or the nurse practicioner. We are always acting silly! Today, Chris was the patient.....

When the nurse practicioner finally came in there, she measured us first. We are measuring 40 weeks, and she said that this is where they can range from 6-10 lbs, but she thought that he would probably be about 7-8 lbs. Chris thinks that he will be 10 lbs. He better hope not! She then checked me and we learned that I am dialated more than 1 cm, but less than 2. She also said that I was 70% effaced. So we are still hanging in there. I think he's gotten way to comfortable and does not want to come out. His heartbeat was in the 140's and everything was good. So we are still on for inducing Monday...we can't wait!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Noah Has a Baby Cousin on the Way!

It's true! For nine months now, my sisters have been saying.."I'm gonna be an aunt!" and fighting about who will be the favorite and coolest. Well now I can say it.... "I'm gonna be an aunt (again)" thanks to Aunt Jamie! An there's no doubt in my mind that I'm gonna be the favorite....sorry Jack and Boo! She just found out and we are all so excited for her and Uncle Lance! I just hope that she has a an easy, wonderful, exciting pregnancy like I have. We wish you the best, and can't wait to meet the little one! We love you, Uncle Chris, Aunt Jana and Baby Noah!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

~Dr. Visit #12~

11 More Days

Well we went back yesterday, and I was still only 1 cm dialated, but about 60% effaced or thinned out. Not enough progress to count. But that's ok, because either way....we have a full moon coming up on the 18th (next Friday) and if that doesn't work, we always have the 21st!

Monday, July 7, 2008

~Picture Perfect~

I thought I'd post the little picture frames that I painted and made for Noah's room. I've had the stuff to do them for about.......ok 7 or 8 mo's, and I've just been to lazy! Chris was on me for a while about getting them done, and I finally did. Now we just need some pics of our little prince!

~Happy Birthday Jamie~

We all got together for Jamie's 23rd birthday yesterday! Even though it was extremely too hot to be outside, we still attemped to play badmitton and volleyball! It was hilarious, might I add! We had wonderful food....barbecue chickens (they were huge), ribs, pork, baked beans, potatoe salad, fruit, chips and dip, rolls, and what kind of birthday would it be without cake!! We had a great time and hope that Jay had a great birthday....she's getting so OLD!!
And for a good laugh...we were entertained by a set of hurricane globes that Jay had sitting on her table. Check it out!

~4th of July~

We had a wonderful 4th of July!
This is just a quick recap of what out 4th of July looked like last year... but, even though our paradise wasn't quite ready for us, we still had a wonderful 4th...! Now for this year, it was a big difference. The water was beautifully blue (thanks dad), there were pretty flowers and decor (thanks Tink) and there was a beautiful sky (thanks GOD)! Oh and we can't forget the food: fried catfish, fries, hush puppies, fruit and dip, chips and dip and peach cobbler (thanks Jay) with ice cream. It turned out to be a wonderful day. I was worried that we would get rained on, but we didn't. Our cousin Haily came over with her 2 little girls, Caitlyn and Layla. Which by the way, she's having number 3, another little girl in September. These two chicks were hilarious. We had the best time with them. We swam all day long.
So after everyone was extremely worn out, and ready for bed, we decided that we would try to make the fireworks show in town. The sky was getting black and the clouds were heavy, but we went for it anyway. We got all the way there and it started to rain. It was just sprinkling at first and everyone was starting to leave, so we were able to get a decent spot. After being there 5 minutes and getting came a downpour...of course! Here are the pics of tryin to get the girls ready and then some of the fireworks. Although we had to watch most of the show from the inside of the truck, it was still beautiful. Brings back old memories of going every year to sit on the levee in Vidalia and watch 4th of July firecrackers when we were little!
Layla had enough....

Caitlyn could've stayed out there all night!