Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whirlwind of Fun....Mary Kay Style!!

After getting back from my Seminar in Dallas, I just knew I could go to bed early and then wake up Sunday and be feeling much better with lots of energy! NOPE! I wasn't that lucky. I'm still getting over it and to top it off I've got a sinus infection right now. BUT, I'm still really excited that I went to my first Seminar and came back with lots of great information and tons of motivation! It was nice to see how people who have struggled and been in bad relationships come out on top with the help of Mary Kay. It's really not all about makeup. I think that so many people think that's all it is, but it's so much more! For me the most important thing is "Faith, Family then Career"! I love that....I think so many of us lose sight in what we love, dream and believe in when it comes to careers. It was also good to see the people who have never given up and the people that had brought in a $86,000 commission check. YES!! I can not stop thinking about that!!

While that's extremely nice to think about, I'm just hoping to be able to help pay things off, and get a free car. That way Chris can drive mine and have an AC. He's really been good about not complaining, but I just want to do it for him. We'll see what happens!

Here are a few fun pictures from our trip...

First Night...Go Give AwardsOur Director Heather
Catrina, Susan and Myself
And Catrina's husband Lee Dan came to Seminar with us. At first I was thinking, wow, I can't believe he came! But when we left, I realized that it was an awesome opportunity for him to really get to see what MK is and how well we can do!! He was also our Photographer!!
Our group that came this year
Day 2: Lots of good speakers and giveaways, and also the great MK Expo
In front of our Cadi SUV (it WILL happen)

Look at all the women! And the announcement of the new Black MK Mustang for this year only!!

I had a great time and so glad that I went! I learned alot, about myself, what I want and how to get there!!