Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Friday

I had to take Noah to the ENT yesterday. He's been pulling at his ears, sticking his finger in them, coughing and lots and lots of green snot (sorry!!) He's got an ear infection (yes with tubes), and Dr. Neal thinks that we've probably had an upper respiratory infection. So, back on antibiotics, ear drops and nose drops!! Fun Fun!! I feel like I'm torturing him as I try holding his head, and arms still and I'm spraying the nose drops everywhere except where it needs to be!!

We're so glad it's Friday. Tomorrow we're going to Monroe so that Chris can get fitted for a tux for his brother's wedding in February. For those of you who didn't know, he's getting married and to a wonderful, precious girl named Chelsea!! Noah and I are tagging along so that we can go to Target and Hobby Lobby. Sorry Guys.

I'll leave you with something sweet! He's learned to say "I love you" and blow a kiss! I love it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Pics with Gigi and Pops

Chirstmas Pics with Mamaw and Papaw

Kailee and I

Mamaw and Papaw's Christmas tree
He's trying to figure out how he can get to the train around the tree
Noah and Papaw Thomas
Making his first ride around the crowd with his new stick horse

Reading his book from Chelsea and Bob

Choo Choo Express
His new broom so that we won't have to fight over mine :)
his walking dino
He was so excited about this, that he was riding it while it was still in the package
We also had a wonderful Christmas with Mamaw, Papaw, Karen, Allen, Kailee, JT, Miranda, Bob, Chelsea, Melissa, Corey, Cooper, Madison, Kelly, Rod, Hope, Josh, aunt Ann, and uncle Shelby, and Papaw Thomas! I think I got them all!! It's always so much fun on Christmas eve to get together and eat and be merry! Next year, here we come...a little more WILD AND WOOLY!!

Christmas Pics....with Gram

He was into his elephant hat all of a sudden
He's getting so big

Noah and Mommy
Kisses for daddy
It's that time....
his new pj's from Alli

Miss P and her two teeth
riding the tricycle
Gram and Cass

They both got a phone

We had a great Christmas with Gram, Jack Jack and Cass. We grilled steaks, Cass made some delicious potatoes and an excellent pecan pie!! We can't wait until next year. There will be 1 more kiddo (John Walker) and lots more excitement!!