Sunday, September 28, 2008

I didn't cry.....

when Noah got 3 shots this weekend. I was a little worried that I would cry more than he would when I saw him in all that pain. And it makes it even harder when the nurse says.."hold his leg down for me." But we both did really good. Jay Jay went with us and although she was holding her breath the whole time, she made it through too! She's decided that someone else will have to take her baby to get it's shots. This picture was before he got them...he's happy!
Cristy, Emily and Cooper were also there getting Coopers shots.
My babys poor legs....(and nobody mentioned to me how bad it would be when I pulled those band aids off)
Then we made sure that we kept the Tylenol coming....
And we met Pops for dinner. Gigi and Boo Boo went to Jackson for a game friday night and to vistit Aunt Kay. We missed them!
OH...and a funny......
My husband is COLORBLIND! Not extremely bad, just enough for us to make fun! The other night, I asked him to finish getting the bottles together for me. They just needed tops and then they'd be ready to go. I told him to put the clear tops on the cute new bottles and the colored ones on the others. When I got back into the kitchen, this is what I found!
As you can see, we have the green top on the purple bottle, the puple and blue tops on the bottles that need the clear tops. And if you look in the above picture you will see, that half of the bottles he did right. How did this happen! Although it's really not a big deal, I have this thing about all the tops being on the right bottles...sorry Chris!

Have a great week!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Boy

Well it's Monday....AGAIN! It was hard for me to get up and going this morning. I've got the CRUD! My throat was hurting all day Saturday, but I was hoping it was just allergies. Chris was sick last week and I thought I managed not to get it. Well Sunday morning I woke up with a runny nose, sneezing and coughing! This stinks! I hate being sick. Yesterday afternoon I was running a little fever, so I let Chris do the night feedings so that I wouldn't be breathing all over Noah. It was the best nights sleep I've gotten since I was pregnant. I slept from 9:30pm-5am when I got up with Noah. I thought he was ready to eat so I fixed his bottle but he didn't eat. He just had a little gas and went right back to sleep. I can't wait for him to get rid of that mess by himself without waking me up to help do it! But I was glad to get up after all that wonderful sleep! Thanks Chris!
We had his 2 month check up last Thursday. I'm a little behind on my b logging huh? He weighs 14 lbs. & 4 oz., he is 25 inches in length, and his head is 16 inches around. That's our little chunker! He's gonna be a big boy...he's not just fat, he's pretty thick around his chest, and he's getting tall.
*trying on his boy boy jeans*
He turned 2 months old on Sunday! Boy has time flown! I want him to be my little baby forever! I just can't get enough of all the sweet coo's, and smiles. I love to watch him smile in his sleep...he has to be dreaming of his sweet mommy of course! He giggled for the first time for me Saturday night. It was so sweet. He did it 3 times and then I couldn't get it on video. He must be camera shy! I was so excited! Then he did it again for his daddy Sunday morning!
It was a beautiful morning! And it's the first day of fall. I love this time of the year. On my way to work , I got to thinking about "that ride" to daycare. For some reason, it just felt so wonderful today. I guess being so happy and proud, and knowing that Chris and I have a family now. And this ride now feels so comfortable.
*playing with the the cousins*
On Saturday, Noah and rode to Vidalia and Natchez with Jay Jay. We went to Natchez for a friends baby shower. She's having a little girl. Man they have so many cute little girl things..I would be broke! It was great to see her and her sweet little belly. We also go to see Jessica. Is it not wonderful to be able to see old friends. It stinks that you can't be closer and see each other often, but when you finally see them after a while, it just makes it that much more exciting memorable. From there we hit Sonny's Pizza. We took this place for granted when we lived there. We love their pizza. I wish they delivered to Ruston! We ordered a pepperoni burrito...YUMMY! We also visited the Picket Fence. It's a sweet little baby/kids boutique. They have the cutest stuff. So if you are ever in V-Town, you should try them both! And before we left, we visited Shannon and Walker. I haven't seen Shannon in a long time. I enjoyed visiting with her, I missed her . And Walker was just the cutest, happiest baby I've seen! He smiled the whole time we were there. I hope that I can stay in touch with these ladies more! We also stopped by to see Gran, Jack Jack and Mamaw Frey. They had a visitor there with her baby who is almost 4 months. She was a cutie, but Noah wasn't in the mood to play or flirt...he was hungry and gassy! Not a good combination for a first date. I got Mamaw to sing this song to him. It was my favorite song when I was little.

We had a good, LONG day, but he did wonderful. He was a trooper, and he got lots of sugar from all those women. He had on the right bib that day, it said "Ladies Man".

*we watched the sun set on our way home*

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All About Noah!

Last Thursday aroung noon, I got a call from Mrs. Dorothy saying that she thought he was getting pink eye. His eye was matting up everytime he went to sleep and she said that she'd cleaned it 4 times already. I went a head and set up an appt. around 2:50 for him, so that if it was pink eye, we'd be sure not to give it to anyone else at daycare. I had an appointment scheduled for myself with my OB for 3:30, but I we just didn't get out in time for mine. But that's ok! Our doctor wasn't in but the one standing in was great. She said that she would definately call it pink eye for that time being since it had the green, boogery mucus. It was also swollen. They swabbed him for a culture just to be sure. Oh and when we got there, they weighed him and we was a whopping 14 lbs. No wonder I can barely carry that carseat. When we called over the weekend, they told us that it wasn't pink eye, it was tearduct stenosis, which just means that it's blocked and everything's not draining correctly yet. Nothing major. But we did enjoy our Friday home together. We just didn't want to take that chance. I would've felt horrible if we would've given it to the other little ones at Mrs. Dorothy's.
Oh, he would kill me, but we get such a kick out of this face!

I have a picture of me with the same exact face.

He was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He was so into it, he kicked off his blanket and his frog.
Boo Boo came up to stay with Jamie this weekend, and we hung out ot the house and watched Ike roll through and played with Noah. He's changing so much! He's starting to look so grown up. I feel like he was never really a "baby"! But then I think about how I have to feed him, bathe him, clean his booty, and rock him to sleep, and I realize that he's definately still my baby! Just my BIG baby! I love when I rock him to sleep and the eyes are rolling in the back of his head and he has a tight grip on my finger. It's such a wonderful feeling.
Napping with Jay Jay and baby Hancock

Last week, Jamie and I went to Kool Kids again. It's the big consignment sale here in Ruston. We love going. I bought Noah a cute little sweater, a warm long sleeve one piece, and a sweet size 1 pair of crocs. I also bought the cutest John Deere boots for our new baby cousin Ty that will be here on Sept. 24. Noah and I think he will love them! But, since we've brought them home, we've been modeling and testing them out for him! We can't wait to meet him! He already has 2 big sisters and he was suppose to be a little girl until recently, so I'm pretty sure that he will be spoiled rotten!

Noah will go for his 2 mo. check up on Thursday and I will try to attempt my appt. again. We will let you know just how big he is then. Have a great week!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

~Poker Night~

Once or twice a week, Chris and his family get together to play a round of poker. I love when he comes home and tells all the funny stories. I normally don't hear them until the next day though because I am asleep when he gets home. They always have a good time. He said that he won last night. He should always be the winner as much as the "World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker" is on my TV. The bad thing is that I have come to enjoy watching it every now and then.

So last night when he went to play, Noah and I decided to read a book that Jay Jay and Uncle Lance gave him. Besides the fact that he was starting to get antsy and hungry, I think he enjoyed it! One day he's going to read like his Boo Boo (aka aunt Jordan). Boo can go through a book in one night. She'll go take a bath and sit in there for hours. That would make Pops extremely proud!

Mommy went back natural

And these are just a few pictures from Freshmen Convocation that I helped work Tuesday night. Russ Nolan was the guest speaker this year and he spoke about "The Tenets of Tech"......

  • Confidence
  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Knowledge
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Leadership
  • Loyalty
  • Enthusiasm
  • Caring
  • Hope
  • Pride

The Division of Student Affairs at Louisiana Tech University has developed these twelve guiding principles, or tenets, that exemplify the qualities that Tech students should possess upon graduating from this institution. The students are given a medallion to deposit into the lady of the mist just as they are depositing into their future here at Tech. When the students graduate, they will be given a medallion with their graduating year on it. I think this is a wonderful tradition added to Tech. Here are a few fun pics that I took, but if you'd like to see more, check out Tom Sotos website ( or you can click his link to the right.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Pics...

Chattin with pops.
He's been known to fall asleep before he finishes his bottle when he's extremely tired! This is his big boy, Peace, Love, Rock and Roll outfit.
Can you tell my family is in love? They are eaten up with crazy!
Daddy's getting his morning kisses.
Boo Boo's feeding him and he's not crying! Everytime she gets him, he cries and she quickly passes him on!