Monday, February 8, 2010


What fun would it be if we couldn't stick our hands in the cake and eat all the icing?
Alli stayed the night with us on Friday night so that mommy could get some rest!!
ALSO...if anyone's interested in getting a children s picnic table just in time for Spring, let us know. Chris and his dad have been making the sweet little picnic tables. They will definitely hold up to 200 lbs., and 6 kids easily, 8 kids with chairs at the ends.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saints and Elmo

Who Dat Want a Super Bowl Cake?

$1 donation per ticket

Drawing to be held Friday, 3:00, February 5th

All proceeds go to Relay for Life – American Cancer Society
(feeds 30-40 ppl)

Since Noah had been sick lately, we'd gotten ourselves into a bind.......
1. he didn't want to just go to bed, he wanted me to rock him until he fell asleep...OR..
2. he wanted to watch "Elmo in Grouchland" every night in my bed. Well when we'd go put him in his bed, he'd all of a sudden be WIDE AWAKE and didn't want to be in his bed.!! So on top of these ISSUES, we've also been dealing with him waking up every night and wanting to get in bed with us!! And I'm not sure about all of you, but momma DON'T sleep between all the kicks in the face, or stomach, constant grabbing for him so that he won't climb off the bed (while he's still asleep), or from all the blood rushing to her head when she's literally hanging off the bed! After about 2 weeks, we'd had enough...It was time to get back in our routine again. And keep inmind when I said that WE had been dealing with it, I really mean ME, because I remember many times where I'd be trying to get Noah back to sleep in the living room, mainly so that we wouldn't wake daddy up, and I could here him sawing logs in the bedroom!!

Well last night I learned something...All he needed was his daddy! About 7:40, Chris took him to his room, I came in and got my kisses, left out and before I knew it, Chris was coming out and we never heard another word from Noah!!! WHAT?? It was that easy all this time? I told him that it was now called "Daddy Night Duty"! Before we went to bed I told him that if Noah woke up, I was going to let him take care of it amd I don't think he really believed me. But guess what, first sign of crying, I rolled over and kicked him (politely of course) and told him that Noah needed him:), and I sleep great all night!! I LOVE IT!! Thanks Chris!! You are an excellent daddy and husband and we are so VERY thankful for you!!

So this morning he wanted to watch "melmo" and so he didn't get to watch it last night I turned it on for him. The video is of him and his favorite part. "Elmo's BEST friend"!! He was in a great mood this morning!

We still have a small runny nose, but besides that, he's COMPLETELY back to himself...WILD and WOOLY!! So much so that he wore Dorothy out yesterday. She said she had to get on her eliptical last night and walk it off!! Hmm, maybe I need a magical eliprical!

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Splish Splash...

...he loves to take a bath!! This picture is PRICELESS!!

Noah and his Monkey. He loves him now, but when he learns that he's a "leash" he'll hate him!! Blowing kisses!

They're reading their book.Who needs a spoon?!!!
This is a video of him in the tub the other day...he didn't want to get out!