Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of Pre-K

 It's amazing how quickly Chris and I have gotten to this point in our lives. One day I'm marrying my best friend, then I'm in the hospital having a 10lb baby, and in a blink of an eye, he's going to Pre-K. We are so very proud of Noah. He's really grown in the last year and turned into a little man.

I was a little nervous about our first day, but he's never been a big "clinger!" He adjusted to Little Red Apple in a week, but he also had Alli and Bubba to help make him feel comfortable. But we'd been talking about big school and the big playground, so when the time came, he was SUPER EXCITED!! On our way there, I told him we were almost at school and you should've seen the excitement in his little face!! As we were parking he noticed his little buddy from LRAP Matthew...or Mashew as Noah calls him. As we walked down the hall to his classroom, I had to explain that his two little buddies wouldn't be in his class, but that maybe they could play on the playground. He couldn't quite get it. When we walked in, I showed him where his cubby was, the bathroom, and we walked around the room together. He got shy on me, but finally warmed up. But not before we had to walk to the other hall to look for Matthew. We looked in every room until we found him. And I have to say, it was sweet seeing them together at school. Matthew turned around and said "Hey Noah T.!" So they chatted a few minutes and looked around his class, and then they hugged and bye!! Well, after that, I had to do a little convincing. He wasn't so sure about school without "Mashew"! Once we got back to his class, walked to the window and he got to see the big playground, he was fine!! He started playing with the puzzles, and then noticed someone he recognized. When we first started LRAP, he became Noah T., because there was another Noah already there, but he left soon after. And now Noah is back in our class. He said "Look mommy, I'm Noah T., and that's Noah!" So at least when I left he knew someone. I asked him if he was ready for me to go and he said "Yes, bye mommy!" Simple but sweet! I have a hard time with crying, it would've broke my heart! So I walked out and watched from the window, since they couldn't see through it. I didn't stay because I was worried, I stayed to watch his sweet face and smile as he started his first day of school, as he sat with so much excitement at the teeny tiny table coloring with Noah and showing his work off to Miss Markia, but most importantly...really thinking about how blessed and thankful I am to have such a happy, silly, and smart little boy who's growing up faster than I can keep up with. And yes...I cried that morning....TWICE!

 We made it to his classroom. His teachers are Miss Markia Daigs, and Miss Candi Perkins.

And here's Noah T. and Noah
Noah T. and "Mashew"-Best Buds
 "Bye Mommy"

I was so excited to pick him up! When he got in he looked at me and said "that was fun mommy!" Oh thank goodness, he loves it!! He told me he ate pizza, corn and jelly (jello) for lunch with purple milk. Silly boy!! 

 I LOVE going through his folder everyday. You never know what you'll find! This is what he brought home yesterday.

So all in all, he's done great and LOVES it. When we were in car line this morning, we were talking about being sweet, and listening, and he said "and, we need to get a green smiley face." So far (and it's still very early) he's been on green!! This whole post makes my heart SO HAPPY!!

And my baby is 5 months old today!! ALREADY!! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best Buds

I am so very proud of Noah for being such a good big brother. He's in love with little P. There's nothing I love more than watching Noah run up to Porter and say "let me kiss that little toe"....and he does find his pinky toe and give it a big ol juicy kiss!! Although, Porter may be a little skeptical about Noah being around his toes after he was trying out all of his tools on them, and decided to use the pliers on that poor pinky toe! Oops!! I know he still loves him!!
Little P's getting big!! He's hit 14 lbs., and we've just started food! And he LOVES his food!! Lately Chris has been so worried about this........
He thinks Porters trying to suck his thumb. However....I think he's just teething. He started slobbering around two months and just within the last month, he's figured out how to put his hands in his mouth. Hims little teeth are LOVING it! As you can see...the hands in the mouth in most pics!!

I love his eyes in this picture....they remind me so much of my Mamaw House's dark eyes. And I love that reminder!
And this is why people PAY to have portraits done!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stationery card

Better late than never!! Introducing sweet little P!
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

~3 More Weeks~

Porter Alexander Thomas will be here March 28th!

I wanted to wait until we had this last ultrasound to decide if I wanted to induce at 39 or 40 weeks. We needed a better idea of just how good he was growing. And although Porter is still measuring on track (in general) for 36 weeks ...his head says otherwise measuring at 38 weeks. Right now he's right at 7 lbs. and we could actually see a "fat" layer on his belly!! And he's got some chubby little cheeks and Chris and Noah's big ol' lips! I love it!! One of the pictures shows that he has lots of hair. I can't wait to see what he looks like, and love on him!!
Although he's head down, it's not straight down, it's more to the right. And we weren't dilated at ALL!! As long as nothing happens this next week, we'll be good...Dr. Pennebaker's on vacation!

Here are a few more of the pics....

When I showed Noah these pictures, he said "That's a ghost!!"
I can't wait to see how he responds to little Porter!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's and More

The FAMOUS self-portraits!! He's figured it out. He's taking after his Boo Boo!! And look how dirty his face is in both.

And he looks just like his daddy at this age in this one!
Oh and this is the picture he took of Chris.....who by the way is playing Noah's Leapster!

We made a quick Sunday night trip to the big town of Farmerville for dinner with Gigi, Pops, Boo and the Hancocks. Noah's showing Pops his bo bo on his toe and dad's aggravating him! Which is exactly why Noah loves to aggravate and pick with me all the time! Between him and Chris, I don't stand a chance!
And he and Gigi were coloring smiley faces...Noah's favorite these days!!
SPEAKING of smiley faces...he's after it again here. Lately I've really enjoyed just sitting and watching him draw and color. It's not that often that he likes to sit still long enough

I feel a little guilty. Before we started Little Red Apple, we had not even attempted giving Noah a big boy cup to drink out of. It was just always easier to pull out a sippy, and know that I wasn't gonna have to clean up a mess. At his new school, they drink out of regular cups. And he's done so good. So now, that's all we use at home. He's always been pretty good about holding on to his plates and bowls, just never gave the cup a thought. He feels like a big boy with us at the table now. And all I ever hear now is "I use to be a baby, like baby Jackson" (Jackie's little man)!
This week has been dress up week! Jay got her note before me, and I loved thee-mail I got from her! It said

Did you get the memo regarding dress up week next week at daycare! It’s going to be fun! We have western day, pajama day, mix-match day!! I feel like I’m in high school all over again!"

She's so funny!! Bu it has been fun!! Monday was favorite shirt day....although I'm not sure that he has a favorite shirt....He is hooked on Scooby. When I put it on him he said "Yay, I love Scooby!" Yep, good choice Jana!

And Tuesday was Valentine's shirt day! I knew he'd like this one, he's all about super heroes these days, thanks to his daddy!! If you asked him what was on his shirt, he'd say "piderman and reese's"! Everything in the shape of a heart these days is a Reese's obviously!

Monday night (of course we waited until the night before...we work better under pressure :), we worked on his valentine's to take to school, and his valentine's box. We went with simple treats, so I printed out some labels with his name for him to color and make special. As you can see, he was working hard....look at those lips!! That means he was concentrating!

And of course he had to taste what he was sending to class. We've never had an orange airhead, it was actually pretty good. Noah doesn't do so well with chewy candies. I don't think that he gets that he has to really chew it up, and it drives him crazy when it gets stuck in his teeth. So, after attempting to eat it a few times, he decided to just lick on it!!

And then we started on the box....I had no idea where to begin until I started digging through all my stickers. So we went with Super Noah and his smiley hearts. It served it's purpose, that's all that mattered! Noah did good drawing all of his smiley faces and mouths.

Valentine's Morning
He normally gets up pretty easily when he knows his daddy is still there, so of course, I planned on doing it earlier so that Chris could see him with his goodies.
He and his teddy bear from Gigi and Pops. They were checking it all out.

And of course, I knew exactly what he was going to attack first....CHOCOLATE!
Ready to leave with his box.

I got a smiley face......
And a SILLY face!!
And then we met his best friend at school!! They were so excited!!

Bubba had a Dr. appt. that morning, so he was upset that he didn't get to go in with them!! But he was also trying to get into his candy!!
My "MINI" Valentine!! I love this little boy and can't wait to for baby Porter join us!! I can only imagine how much fun we're gonna have with two little boys!!
And this is the picture that Chris sent me when he picked him up that day with all of his goodies!!

Here were a few special goodies I got from a few friends. I love my girls!!
Wednesday was Mix Match Day.....this was as good as it got!!

Today is Western Day!! The only thing we had was the red cowboy hat. BUT..I remembered the Woody sheriff pajamas! I was gonna go ahead and put his jeans on his with the shirt...but he's been having a little trouble lately with going to the potty and getting his jeans unbuttoned. So although tomorrow is ACTUALLY pajama day...we're celebrating pajama day twice!! I wish I could wear my pajamas all day!!

My little Woody....
"There's a snake in my boot!"
Even Bubba was ready for Western day!
"Howdy Cowboy!"
And the 3 best cowboy friends! I LOVE this picture!! They love each other! It reminds me of our sister bond!!
Noah somehow weaseled Bubba out of his hat...I heard him say "Bubba needs this hat!"
Baby Porter
I'm pretty sure we're going with Porter Alexander. It's Glenda's maiden name, which I think works perfectly!! These were at 32 weeks...I think! At this point, I'm just counting down!!
So last Thursday, I had my 32 week appt. and sonogram to see how he was doing!! Everything was working properly, he was still a "he", saw lots of hair (well, she did, I couldn't really tell what alot was since he's so crammed in), measuring on track with 32 weeks and he was approximately 4 lbs., 7 oz.!! Which they said was good!! Although it wasn't the 32 week size I was worried about...it's the 40 week! But we will just have to hold out for that surprise!

In this picture, it's his profile at the bottom and his foot is at the top, next to his head.
The top of this pic (which looks like a snail to me) is actually his manhood! And the bottom pic is his profile when we first started. He was sucking his thumb. He actually had his hand in his mouth or in front of his face the whole time. He's shy, like me!! :)

And this is the 4d she attempted...the long skinny thing next to his head is actually one of his legs! They were next to his head the whole time!!
So far so good...we're still trucking along and eating everything in sight!! And we're still being asked if it's twins! I saw sweet Mrs. Jo the other day and couldn't help but laugh when she asked how much longer I had left and then she went from twins to triplets!! I LOVE IT!!

Happy Thursday!!

Out of the mouth of babes
  • "Mommy, you need to go that way! Just trust me!"
  • "This song makes me feel better!" (LMFAO, I'm sexy and I know it!)
  • "Miss Aquanna is my best friend! She's fweet (sweet)!" (his teacher Laquanna)